New Google AdWords Tools And Features To Improve The Campaign

Google AdWords Tools

Google is continually upgrading AdWords by testing and releasing new features. Last year itself, we got an access of a lot of new feature, many of them were not even declared. Obviously, some of these changes have good potential for greater impact as compared to other, however, how can you prioritize that which trend to hog on first?

Google AdWords Editor –

A feature that received a lot of compliments in 2014! However, it’s been a long time Google has updated Google AdWords Editor. Only somewhere in 2006, they released a massive AdWords Editor update and nothing after that. The feature is bit slow and clunky. It allows you to download all the campaigns at a time in bulk. Also, once you are with editing, you can publish the changes and just open another account.  This is beneficial for agencies or marketers having multiple accounts.

Refurbished Google Web Designer For HTML5 –

Google is having a new tool, which allows one to create interactive, rich, nice animated ads in HTML5.  Recall those day how people used make ads in Adobe Flash – now no one does so, because of the fact Flash doesn’t support mobile browsers. However, now with HTML5, you can create similar type of animated image ads on HTML 5, optimized for both mobile and desktop.

App Promotion Ads –

Nowadays, App is hot topic of the industry. In 2014, people spent majority of their time on app than desktop computers. If still you don’t have an app for your business, then it’s time to think and get one. Google is observing these trends, so they have decided to release a lot of good marking tools for companies, who are already having their own apps. Of course, the first one is Google Search app, where a user can search for anything.