Mindshare & Google Teams Up For ‘Search As Signal’ Tool

Mindshare Collaborates With Google

Google and WPP’s Mindshare have come together and built a location based marketing tool, intended to help brands to track real-time behaviors, emerging trends and understand the target consumers in a better way.

‘Search As Signal’ tool discovers what people are searching on Google, where they are coming from and through which type of device they are initiating the search. This data helps Mindshare to develop much tactical paid ad strategy for the clients.

Originally, in 2012 Mindshare had developed an early version of ‘Search As Signal’ tool for their client called ‘Kleenex’ to properly manage their ad spends based on the location of people searching info related to the flu.

How Does ‘Search As Signal’ Work?

The tool collates search queries with relevant keywords under major categories. This way when a user searches for particular items like ‘luxury watches’ as well as the related terms can be accumulated under a section of ‘luxury watches.’ From there the tool manages the categorized queries based on the location starting with country level and drilling down to region and actual city.

Mindshare has also designed a dashboard for their clients through which they can easily check how searches have trended in the past week or year. They can zoom in to get more detailed and specific information.

This information can be useful for companies to know what changes need to be done on their ad buys to enhance the success rate.

How Does It Benefit Google?

It seems that no revenue sharing deal has been confirmed between the two companies. However, an increase in ad cost will definitely lead to direct revenue for Google.