Instagram Marketing Tactics To Build Strong Following

Instagram Marketing Tactics

The success of Instagram is largely depends on its highly engaged community. Research explains that Instagrammers are adoring their platform and have a fabulous level of communication with content creators who stay active on the network.

As per Business resources of Instagram, the network presently shows –

–          300 million active users

–          5 billion photo likes daily

–          Every day more than 70 million new photos get posted

–          More than 30 million total photos get shared

Its impressive why so many business and brands are shifting to Instagram to connect with new audiences and engage them with the brand. Unlike other social platform users, Instagram users have a sense of inspiration and creativity as they use the network’s tool to beautify their content and share it with their followers, family, friends, audience members, colleagues and the rest of the world.

When it comes to making optimum use of Instagram, one needs to build a strong foundation. In case your brand is new to Instagram and don’t know from where it should start, then first go through the Instagram’s own business portal, where you will find diversified blog posts, infographics and many other resources to guide you on how to use the network and make the most out of it.

Here, check out the best tactics to promote your brand on Instagram –

High Quality, Good Image –

Accessibility is the beauty of Instagram. Just download the app on your mobile device and you can immediately click and share the photos. However, as we know sometime tablet and smart phone photos can be a bit blurry, fuzzy or just not good.  Instagram’s interesting Filter save such photos with their diversified colors and editing effects. Filter is one of the major aspects, which has made Instagram favorite photo sharing app. If you check the successful Instagram accounts, they go some extra mile to generate high quality, visually attractive content.

Storytelling –

Storytelling has always been a powerful tool in marketing. With Instagram, you can get opportunity of presenting your brand in a storytelling form. By using appealing visual content, you can engage your clients, audience members or customer and induce them to listen. Start up with framing visual content around a story and then develop it.

Engage With Your Fans –

People who are following you on Instagram are ultimately interested in what you are offering. Different from other social channels, where it may be complicated to search and engage with followers, Instagram is an easy platform to get connected with followers.

Tag With Hashtag –

Hashtag has become an inseparable part of social media, which can be used virtually for any network to search, track, participate and share in subjects of interest. On Instagram, hashtags help to connect Instagrammers to images, they might be interested in.

Reward Your Followers –

You can create long lasting relationships with your followers only when you will reward them for time and interest they have invested in you. From discount codes to special offers, a lot many things brands can do to reward the followers and experience better success.