Indispensable ways to convert mobile users into potential customers


Mobile is the present & the future generation, be it the responsive or mobile le optimized landing pages. Marketers are looking for a biggest potential in the mobile marketing & drafting new strategies to pull masses.

A maximum number of traffic for e-commerce sites come from mobiles, still the conversion rate for mobile uses is less.

Its time inject new ways & scalable tips for mobile marketing.

  • Cross Device Targeting – Facebook made 69% of its revenue with mobile advertising, beating the desktop ads straightly. Mobile advertising in the next big thing, there has been a lot of innovation through mobile advertising   from video ads to native ads, to in-app advertising. The consumer today is a multi-device , multi- platform , thus measuring the results from one platform & ignoring the consumers action from the other platform that resulted from the original ad exposure does injustice to your advertising efforts.  Thus cross platform & devise shopping is the new obvious.
  •  Push Out More – Erm – Push Notifications – Now push notifications can be personalized down to a segment or even user level. For example, Uber uses geo-targeted messages to alert users when prices have dropped in their area. This feature induces riders to book a ride and avoid higher prices. If you don’t have mobile apps , then you can invest in text messaging , there aare higher chances of purchases based on very personalized text messages.


  • Push notifications on your mobile can be used for  key events , coupons etc
  • Unique personalized content in your push notifications/text messages. That’s the secret sauce to amazing mobile conversions.


  •  More Video Content – Focus on the video based content is getting more  stronger & is leading to conversions.  Video marketing need not be the domain for bigger brands , small businesses can equally capitalize on the opportunity through tips , how to videos , etc
  •  Go Local To Go Mobile – All mobile devises have local internet, people turn it on for may be getting the address of a close by restaurant, or a store location. The important thing is that your mobile content – both paid ads and organic content – should be adequately geared towards local searches to drive conversion numbers.
  •  Encourage Mobile Payments – Lastly & the most important aspect, invest more in mobile payments. With Google Wallet & Apple Pay coming in, it has changed the phase of Mobile Payments.   According to a consumer survey carried out by the U.S. Federal Reserve, 22% of all mobile users had made at least one mobile payment in the last year.

So to conclude, mobile payments mechanisms can be considered as the credit cards for the future.  The sooner you approve them – in the form of in-app payments, POS payments, P2P mobile funds transfers, QR code payments and more – the faster your business will be on the road to higher conversions.