How To Make Pinterest Campaign Successful & Drive Conversions?


Do you know every minute Pinterest receives more than 3,400 pins from users? Yes, that’s true and it’s a great news for social marketers for running out their marketing campaigns as it seems that people are spending more time on clicking pins and interacting with brands.

The latest statistics prove that Pinterest users are 10% more likely to buy products as compared to other social media sites; also Pinterest receives 300% more revenue for per click as compared to Twitter and 27% more than Facebook. Due to all these positive aspects of Pinterest, marketers have started finding Pinterest as an opportunity to convert the leads, also an original & an effective way to utilize Pinterest to accomplish their KPIs.

So, today let’s check out how successfully you can promote your brand on Pinterest and increase the conversion rate.

1.      Promote campaigns with contests & delight followers

If you wish to delight your followers and keep them following with you, then plan a Pinterest contest but before launching the content, go through the following last minute tips –

  • Set an objective for the contest – If you aim to increase the number of followers, brand awareness, leads or conversions, set a goal and keep the contest simple by reducing terms & condition. Keep it simple.
  • Decide the terms & rules of the contest – Decide & align the contest rules in advance, don’t change it at the last minute.
  • Offer an impressive incentive – Put high prize, an irresistible incentive for grabs.
  • Explore numerous channels for promotion – Don’t use just one channel; spread the contest promotion on all various social channels through paid advertising or through affiliates. Promoting content on more than one site will help to increase the reach of contest and ultimately of a brand.
  • Keep the participation process easy – If you want more and more number of people should participate in your contest, then keep it simple with crystal clear rules & guidelines.
  • Keep an eye on results – Maintain spreadsheets & analytics to measure the results. It will help you to know how effectively your content is spreading across the followers, optimizing, & achieving goals.

2.      UCG – a powerful social proof

If you want to create hype of your upcoming marketing campaign then user generated content will help you to achieve new leads and create a buzz.

Things to do –

  • Boost up fans to upload photos of your service or product
  • Ask them for video testimonials & reward the best one
  • Give access of your board to pinners

3.       Create a buzz by collaborating with influencers

  • Let the strategic partners & influencers add to your Pinterest boards so that they will be able to create buzz and momentum, which will be the social proof for you.
  • Connect influencer pins to dedicated landing pages to grab leads for nurturing.