How To Fetch Business Through Visuals On Instagram?

Instagram For Business

Do you have Instagram account? You must be! In a very short span of time, Instagram has become one of the popular social media sites that hold approximately more than 200 million active monthly users, who post over 60 million photos in a day.

However, in today’s time being a social media site and helping people to connect is not enough, if you wish to be on the top then you need to have some business value to attract people and business precisely. Hence, Instagram is not just a photo-sharing site but it can generate a business and good amount of audience for brands by using its network power.

So, today let’s take a short walk towards Instagram and find out how the visual content can increase the brand value of your business.


Showcase The Product & Get It Sold –

You know you can actually use Instagram as your online shop and showcase the range of products? Yes, it is an ideal place to put your products on display and encourage people to buy it. It is an ultimate opportunity for your brand to show off the amazing and beautiful products & grab the people’s attention. As in the end, the visual things attract our brain 60,000 times faster than anything else.

Soon, if you are going to launch any product of your company then don’t forget to share the glimpse of the product with your Instagram followers. Here, you can share the product images with short link of your website, where people can find details of the product and buy it. Also, along with images you can share discount codes, which are good to increase the reach and purchase. When initiating campaigns, use UGC to start product suggestions for making purchase. It’s a prevalent behavior of consumers that they are more likely to buy what their friends are recommending to them. Hence, it can prove beneficial for you.


Website Way Through Images –

Are you looking at Instagram with an objective to raise your e-commerce sales, business leads, or build audience? If yes, then Instagram will surely fulfill your objective by driving traffic towards your website. The most amazing way to get traffic on your website is ‘Triggered Responses’. Example, earlier L’Oreal’s Shu Uemera had used this feature to pull their hash-tagged content owners straight way to their site to participate in contest. They associated each participant with the product listed on their site and made it easy for people to buy the products their dear once love and suggest.


Make Conversions –

Running a contest or a campaign on Instagram, undoubtedly brings a good number of followers and user engagement. But, the numbers cannot get counted until and unless they don’t turn into conversions, as conversions are the ultimate and solid metrics. Here, again you can make a brilliant use of triggered responses and turn your Instagram participants into customers.

Set up an automatic, custom response for each campaign entry. Add a link of terms of conditions of your campaign to it and a sign up form as Instagram doesn’t allow hyperlinks in comments section, hence, users will have to either copy paste the link or manually type the link in a browser. Create short and memorable links.

With the use of sign up form, marketers can actually switch their Instagram followers in email subscribers, share the news of special discounts, exclusive offers and turn an impressive number of participants in customers. You can measure this conversion tracking result simply by web analytics and measure the impact of campaign.