How To Create A Perfect Facebook Post?

facebook post

You update your Facebook page with a new post, hoping you have presented something that will definitely work. However, do you know whether the post is a perfect one to get maximum clicks, likes & comments? Facebook posts work in a dramatic way. Hence, while drafting a post there are some of the elements, which should be added strategically in the post to see Facebook stats climb.

Check out the below 4 essential ingredients, which make a perfect Facebook post. A lot of Facebook pages have experienced a great success with this style of post. Hence, you should give it a try!

link post

1.      Link post is a perfect Facebook post –

Link posts are the posts, which contain built in Facebook link format and receive twice as many clicks compared to the links mentioned in an update. Even Facebook suggests that link format photos or posts perform well than normal status or photos update.

Link posts get the advantage of Meta tags from the webpage, including data available in the page’s title, photos and description. When you put a link into the update box on your Facebook page, Facebook automatically pulls out the information and put it in a link format.

The right way to put link post is, first copy and paste the link in the composer window. In a second or two, Facebook will show the link’s meta description – photo, description and title. Once it appears, you can remove the URL from the composer window and type any catchy line or intro.

40 characters

2.      Short post with 40 characters is a perfect Facebook post –

Posts containing 40 characters receive a higher amount of like and comments, in short more engagement. As per the research conducted by Facebook, 40 characters or fewer text posts receive more engagement. ‘Shorter is better’ works well with Facebook posts.

peak hours

3.      Non-peak hour post is a perfect Facebook post –

The thought process behind not updating the post in a non-peak hour is, everyday hundreds of thousands of posts appear in the Facebook News Feeds. If you update your post, when few others are posting then your post holds a better chance of making it through.

In order to stand uniquely in a user’s Facebook News Feed, try modifying your scheduling strategy from posting during peak hours in the workweek to the most effective hours.


4.      A newsworthy post is a perfect Facebook post –

Facebook has started trending the ongoing topics or news, which indicates that newsworthy posts carry much importance than normal one. Hence, try updating newsworthy posts, which will grab people’s attention and receive likes and comments.  Also, don’t forget to add right hashtags in your post to come in Facebook trending list.