How SEO Is In Favor Of Content?

How SEO Is In Favor Of Content Writing?

It is always believed that SEO is one factor that weakens the process of writing content. It takes away the artistic license from the writers and forces them to insert the awkward, irrelevant keywords and phrases. By giving priority to search engines, and not to the users, SEO pollutes the web and makes everything a bit irrelevant.

SEO is an easy target, everyday there is a new article smashing SEO and harking how over spotlighting the SEO can leave negative impact. However, SEO is not at all bad for content or works like an enemy against the content. If you think SEO is destroying your content then you are might not be a good writer or not doing good SEO. How? Check below –

SEO Organizes The Content –

SEO organizes the whole content process. When it comes to writing a book, the chapters and natural growth of information moves the entire story, similarly happens with websites. There is a page hierarchy and expected progression of how a user builds his or her own way through the website. Looking at SEO as a writer means keeping a site structure in mind and how one page will lead into another, directing the users through that invention procedure. It means without displaying you will get to know about a particular topic onto a single page just because you know it very well.

SEO Generates An Idea –

Writers can make use SEO insights through analytics and find out the topics for blog articles, e-books or what to cover up under the next infographic. Writers can use relevant searches, on Yahoo, Bing & Google. They can hit on Google’s Auto Correct. They can utilize any of these modern idea generators to flash an idea. SEO can give you the answer to your ‘what to write’ question for sure.

SEO Finds Great Content –

SEO should be a good friend of content writer as it can help to find a great content. It also helps writers to understand the audience, use the exact terms, know what to write about and organize the content.  SEO makes content smarter, search engine friendly and helps it to reach out to the exact audience.