Google’s CEO Sundar Pichai in India: Major takeaways from first day of visit

Google’s Indian born CEO Sundar Pichai during his first visit to India since he became the Google CEO, talked about Google’s vision on improving Internet connectivity among Indians.  This project aims at connecting millions of Indians to the Internet with the help of large balloons.



Here are the top 8 takeaways from his visit:-

1. Faster Search:
Search is to get faster in India, especially for the slower connections. The Search pages will ensure that the content and text will load faster as compared to today which is fragmented for many users.

2. Free Wi-Fi at Railway Stations:
Sundar also announced to start free Wi-Fi Service in 100 railway stations starting from Mumbai Central, followed by other stations in India.

3. Tap to Translate:
A feature where users can just translate any written text on the website just by tapping on it. Further a message received in Hindi can be copied and Google Translate will appear right inside WhatsApp to show translation.

4. YouTube pause to Buffer:
YouTube users will now be able to pause and let it buffer, even after leaving the website or app with the ‘pause to buffer’.

5. New Hyderabad Campus:
Sundar also announced to launch a huge new campus in Hyderabad to train more engineers along with its business teams.

6. Train Android Developers:
Google said that it will train more than million android developers over the next 3 years from 30 universities across India.

7. Google Maps Offline:
Google now supports navigation in India, even without Internet connection.

8. Project Loon:
A project where high-altitude balloons will act as floating cell towers to connect people located in remote areas.