Google ‘s New Trash Can Feature To Take Back Deleted Analytics

Google Analytics Trash Can

The new recovery feature released by Google Analytics means now users need not worry about the deleted accounts or data. The feature called “Trash Can” allows users to undo their deleted data or accounts in Google Analytics.

Trash Can feature is a protective net that retrieves the information, whenever users delete a property, view, or account from Google Analytics. Analytics users just need to choose an account from the Administration tab and click on the Trash Can icon. After that a complete list of deleted information appears, now the users just have to check off the information they want to reclaim and click on the restore button to take back the document to its previous state.

Here, the only issue with Trash Can is, it restores the information for 35days. The data gets permanently deleted after 35 days. Though, the feature has not launched officially by Google, still the information is being saved in Trash Can.

According to Google rep, Trash Can feature works as a direct response to user feedback. “We found a lot of users cases, where they had mistakenly deleted their accounts, views and properties. Mostly in a multi-user environment, this kind of mistake happens too often.  Trash Can provides a safety net to users, an opportunity to take back the things before being lost it forever.