Five Questions Your Designer Should Ask You

Questions Web Designer Should Ask Client

In the booming online world, hiring a quality and very well technically updated designer has become a necessity. However, many times due to lack of communication or some other reasons, the coordination between the client and designer get ruined. This situation can be tackled just by creating few simple questions to ask designer. Hence, we have come up with a list of few brainstorming questions, which will solve a lot of headaches of clients and designers.

Questions Web Designer Should Ask You (Client)

Which are the niche sites that you admire?

This is a standard question and you should not be surprised if a designer asks you for niche sites that you like. A designer can’t work with zero reference points. Naturally, this forces the designer to get an idea what types of websites are in the niche and also which type of output do you expect from him or her as a designer.

What is a Conversion to you?

Sometimes, it looks like this is unwise question. However, making you think to about what a conversion means and express that and informing them about the aspects they might not think of right way can prevent a lot of headaches. The designer should know, what a conversion according to you is, it should be there in the initial mock-ups to avoid future confusion.

What are three or two sites outside your niche that you prefer?

This question is equally important, since it removes the restrictions of website you admire as your niche. E.g if you are dealing with mountain bike equipment then the website must be e-commerce website. This will make designer understand that some of the unique feels and looks you like to have. This question will force you to go beyond your niche and make the designer realize what you are imagining early in the process.

Who will be the part of approving the designs and what would be the process of decision making?

This question is equally important for both designer and client. As the way designer has to know with whom to communicate, similarly even the client should understand what is the role of each person should be. If you wish to keep the whole working process smooth going then keep just one to communicate with designer, who will make the final decision and communicate with designer.

What technical considerations are there?

If you are having a custom backend to manage reservations, then the designer should know this. If you are having an in-house server for hosting, they should know about it. Precisely, they should be aware about technical environment to work accordingly.