Facebook to enhance its video experience with Multitasking and suggestions


Facebook has recently made an announcement that many enhancements will be made to the videos being shared on Facebook, to provide a rich experience matching to that of a You-Tube Video.

Facebook will try to match many of the native video features to that of YouTube including suggested videos, multi-tasking. Most recent change introduced is the ‘Floating Video’ feature which gives the ability to collapse a video into a floating window.

Watching the videos now won’t take you away from your daily posts. The new changes make sure that you continue with the same experience while viewing the videos. With a new feature still in testing phase, shows a set of suggested videos when you are done watching the video. If you enjoy watching the videos, Facebook will now show complete news feed consisting of videos for a greater video experience like YouTube. This news feed can also be accessed by tapping “Videos” on the bottom navigation menu inside the Facebook App.

While Surfing through the video feed, if you come across any interesting video’s and decide to watch it later you can ‘Save it for later’ similar to saving articles and reading it later.

However these changes are still in testing phase and are not available to everyone. Facebook also says that its new feature will lead users watch more video’s that is a great news for publishers.