Facebook To Show Less ‘Overly Promotional Page Posts’ In News Feed From 2015

Facebook To Reduce Overly Promotional Ads

With the start of New Year, Facebook will show you less promotional posts in news feed. Facebook, the overly promotional company has announced it last week.

After analyzing the feedback from the ongoing survey, in which, thousands of Facebook users had participated, Facebook realized that people want to check more stories from pages and friends they care about and less advertising or promotional content.

Facebook explained that news feed allows users to have a control over number of ads seen and the quality of the ads. However, with regards to promotional page posts, users don’t have a control on it.  Therefore, Facebook is going to launch a new volume and content control on promotional posts, where users will have a choice in relations to the pages they are connected with.

Are you still confused about what are ‘overly promotional page posts’? Then check the below traits–

–         Facebook posts, which solely force people to purchase a product or install an app

–         Facebook posts that encourage people to enter promotions & sweepstakes with no actual context.

–         Facebook posts that re-utilize the same content from ads.

Cutback in promotional posts! What does that mean to page owners? It means pages, which post promotional content must expect their organic distribution to drop significantly over the time.

Facebook clarified that this will not amplify the numbers of advertisements you get to see instead of organic posts. They have a clear idea of showcasing more quality, relevant organic page posts in a user’s news feed.

Facebook concluded it nicely, saying as long as you don’t publish over promotional content, you need not to worry about getting affected by the change.