Facebook Says ‘Hello’ With New Local Search Calling App

Facebook Hello App

Facebook is initiating a major step into the local search world, with the launch of its newly developed app ‘Hello’.  The app is going to work as a mobile search app, where people can search for Facebook users as well as Facebook businesses by using their specific name or category. Once a desired profile is found, users can make a call with a single tap on it, just like Google’s tap-to-call feature. Also, if you are calling to any business or company, you can get directions of their location.

Hence, if any of your friends recommends you a new restaurant located in nearby area, you can use this new ‘Hello’ app to find out information of restaurant such as reservation, location, and direction etc. all in one app.  Facebook released this news through a blog post.

Apart from calling, ‘Hello’ will also provide you relevant information on incoming calls, such as name, number, Facebook picture and common contacts. The ‘Hello’ app contains the privacy feature, which allows you to block the annoying numbers. Calls from blocked numbers go directly to voicemail, however, still get displayed in the call log.

‘Hello’ comprises most of features one needs and a few more aspects. It has number pad with a T9 dictionary that quickly shows contacts in a few taps. Since the app is Facebook integrated, it contains your phone’s contact list with a list of Facebook friends. Hence, when you will search for your friend’s contact number you will get the number from phone as well as Facebook. However, ‘Hello’ doesn’t have everything to be perfect, as it doesn’t support swipe gestures.

Android users can download the test version of ‘Hello’ from Play Store.