Facebook introduces more enhancements to profiles

Facebook recently has started refreshing user profiles allowing user to make their profiles and business pages more interesting and lively. The major changes were seen which includes profile videos, temporary profile photos and a new layout for mobile users, improved profile controls.

Profile Videos
Facebook now allows you to profile video. Using this feature you can add a short introductory video to your profile which will automatically play when user comes to your profile in a looping sequence.

Temporary Profile Picture

Using this feature you can set an image as your profile picture for a particular period of time. Say you are going for vacation; you can set that to let the people know you are on vacation for a scheduled time and then it automatically reverts back to the original picture set before.

Improved Profile Controls

In order to see how other users view your profile, Facebook will allocate a customizable space at the top of the profile. A one line bio will be available to be filled in “About” section. To be more visually appealing you can add up to 5 photos at the top of your profile.