How To Do Effective Email Marketing?

Email Marketing

In the current scenario, many marketers have been flattered by the social media advertising, considering it as the only ‘cooler’ and much effective than email marketing. There is no doubt that social media receives enormous attention and response than email marketing. However, it’s not true that email marketing is no longer effectual. Any marketer who has done email marketing will tell you that email has always remained a cornerstone of marketing campaigns.

Not yet convinced? Check out the below tips to make email marketing effective –

1.      Subject Line –

When customers receive hundreds of emails in a day, they most probably delete all the non-engaging emails. Thus, certainly, the most important part of your email is the subject line, you need to get customers to check out your email, before they delete it from their mailbox and move onto the next mail. The best subject lines work as an incentive for opening the mail. If the lines contain some sort of promotion or discount, customers are likely to open it. Moreover, try to keep the subject line between 30-50 characters. Keeping it shorter, crisp and central to the subject line always works well in this scenario.

2.      Visual –

It’s a proven fact that the emails that are less clutter in terms of content involved in the body generate more conversion rates. Also, your email message must contain not more than 2-3 different typefaces & involve a good balance between photos and text. It is also suggested to evidently add your company’s logo to ensure reliability and increase branding.  Since, the world is evolving technologically the chances are high that the consumers will check their email on their smartphone, tablet or devices; hence it is crucial that your emails are optimized for all the devices.

3.      Call To Action –

In the end, the ultimate goal of your email is to express a clear call to action. Also, it should be mentioned at least 3 times throughout the email. Moreover, if readers are clicking on the given links in the message that means your call of action is getting success. Before you run an email marketing campaign, don’t forget to check the landing page, it should be relevant to the message, promotion or information you actually want to share.