Easy HTML & WordPress Tricks To Try For Non-Coders

HTML Coding

Do you know, how a non-coder feels, when he or she faces a computer code! It undoubtedly brings ‘LOST’ expression on their faces.  They find coding as a most complicated task, which is not always the case. The time has changed, it has become necessary to know some basic HTML coding to manage a website. Hence, to help out those non-coders, today we have got answers to some basic HTML & WordPress questions that people face some or other time.

Have a look!

How do I jump ahead in a post?

To create a page jump, you just have to integrate some simple HTML code like –

The basic link command <a href=”#codeword”>……………..</a>

Where the jump will scroll the page <a name=”codeword”></a>

How do I place image in between list without disturbing the order?

Here are some HTML tags you must know –


<li>Sample 1</li>

<li>Sample 2</li>


<a href= ”Sample image”/></a>


<li>Sample 3</li>

<li>Sample 4</li>


How do I embed a Tweet?

Go to a tweet, click on the three dots (…) next to favorite (*) icon. Then click on Embed Tweet and copy the code. Now select the Text view in the CMS and paste the code. Now, preview it.

How can I get an infographic to show in a large size in a post?

WordPress can reduce the size of infographic in a post. To avoid that you can try these two tricks –

Just take the height and width out and swap it with width. It will surely work.

Transform the image to a PDF and update it in the gallery like normal.