Don’t Ruin Your PPC Performance With A Bad Website

Improve Website For Good PPC Performance

Pay Per Click/ PPC isn’t just about running Bing ads or Google AdWords, establishing an account and receiving a flood of dollars. There is a lot of more than that. Bid adjustments, ad copy testing, keyword select etc. all play an essential part in the success rate of PPC; however, there is one common piece that rapidly gets ignored is the last thing a genuine customer sees most in the website.

Conversion Rate Optimization has been a buzzing topic over the last few years. There are blog posts and testing tools describing the importance of landing pages and the topic is being discussed widely at industry conferences. Even after knowing it, there are many websites who have yet to use any form of conversion rate optimization tools. However, having the tools in place is not enough. With online shoppers being tech savvy with a growing year and new targeting tools coming from the engines, which don’t depend on your keywords research skills, a well-equipped website is becoming a most important part of PPC success.

Savvy Shoppers –

In the current era, consumers are giving much preference to safe and reliable online shopping. In spite of roaming around the markets and carrying bulky bags, putting credit card and personal information is easier and convenient. However, just because people are willing to shop online, doesn’t mean they are ready to buy it from anyone.

Trust –

Shoppers are very skeptical about sharing their personal info online. Hence, if your website is dealing with children’s backpack product then at first website visit they might not find you trustworthy.  Do some major changes in your website, tone down your website colors and put some actual trust signs on the site. Put in customer reviews, trust seals, mentions in the media and let customers know that you are trustworthy business they can trust you.

Conversion Rate Optimization –

A well updated and developed website will help you to improve your conversion rate optimization. It is not tough to get some good examples of critiques or range of best practices to get a basic concept of how an interactive landing page can upgrade your PPC performance.

Proximity –

Apart from the trust factor, customers are also less tolerant about website’s treasure hunts to find the exact products they want. If somebody clicks on the ad of Adidas shoes, he or she expects to be taken to a page that has same Adidas shoes and more likewise options. Show customers what they expect and grab them before they lose interest from the products.