Does Your Website Have Form?

Website Form

Form is one of the hardly optimized aspects of most of the websites. Forms play an integral part in almost every website. However, due to some reason, people just neglect it and don’t think about it. There are various types of forms that your website can have. However, mostly people prefer to have ‘contact form’, ‘checkout form’ and ‘request a quote’ form. There are a lot of different techniques to optimize each, as the objectives are different.

So, let’s check out how you should optimize each variety and how to optimize in general forms.

You Must Have A Form –

You might find it silly, but the number of websites we come across during the Website Reviews without a contact form or any other sort of form is worrisome. Some of the websites do not even have a contact page.

Focus On Your Form –

While, everything else is there on your website, you must focus on your forms. Regardless to what sort of forms it is, make sure you break it down to the bare necessities. In case you don’t require personal information, don’t ask for it. The lesser the fields, the shorter the form and the greater the response rate. These fields have to be evidently visible. Don’t be desired to use ‘slick’ form design, which will actually make the fields transparent. Make it clear for people to where they must enter the details.

Tone Of Voice –

The tone of voice is very essential for people to feel confident enough to ask a question. And therefore, tone of voice can be a deciding point. Hence, not having any text near the contact form will not forgive you from the need of a decent tone of voice.  You have to invite visitors to put forward their questions and define the process of how you will answer their question.

Contact Forms –

They are probably the most ordinary type of forms that you can get on the web. However, nowadays we can see too many contact forms, which resemble to something that you have never ever imagined.

Progress Bar –

This applies to actually every form you have on the website. You must put a progress bar, which shows people, how far along in your form they are. Progress bar gives you a lot of insights of the process and will most probably augment your form’s completion rate.