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How To Build Big Facebook Communities Without Advertising?


Speculating how to enhance your Facebook following without running paid advertising? Eager to find the secrets of getting more fans and pulling them towards your blog? Check below to understand how one marketer has created some massive Facebook communities.

How to build a large following –

Cross-promotion through pages is an amazing way to grow brand or page following. It gives a jump start to the fan base. After that, just serve good content to that community, who share and comment on it. Make sure you reply to their comment. You can do cross-promotion by sharing posts on the other pages and ask fans if they are interested in other communities. Make sure your content should relate to the community you are posting on it or you might mess up everything.

Connect Communities To The Blog –

Don’t waste your effort and time on designing and marketing, just focus on the niche blogs and think about how you can utilize them for promotion. Start creating original content, put it as a blog post, you will surely receive good amount of interaction from the audience. Connecting the community to the blog can be a good strategy for driving traffic.

Keep on searching and find out how you can use social networks to build strong community. Take a good amount of time to create great content, including videos. Create blogs, photos, etc. as these things will help you to form communities, pull traffic and ultimately monetize.

Facebook Adds Up ‘Videos’ Tab To Page

Facebook adds video tab

Yesterday, Facebook launched a new addition that helps page owners to measure the performance of their videos across the custom date ranges. Earlier, page admins were just able to track the video metrics on a video-by-video basis.  Now, there is a new ‘Videos’ tab available in Page Insights, which will allow admins to see the overall performance of all the videos published on any date range of their choice.

With this new videos tab, admins can measure views vs. 30-seconds views, also toggle between Paid vs. Organic, Unique vs. Repeat, and Clicked-to-Play vs. Auto-Played.

By stalking these metrics for over a particular time period, admins can precisely determine how their audiences check their page’s video daily. Another significant metric highlighted in this video tab is, top videos published with a particular date range that is measured based on videos, average completion and reach.

With access of this information, page owners can see what type of videos are attracting people’s attention, what form of videos are capturing people’s attention, and what sort of videos their audience don’t like to click.

Moreover, page owners can also see metrics for videos shared by other pages. This can be a good way to observe audience’s viewing behavior using other page’s videos. This information can be utilized as a guide to know what kind of videos can be created in the future based on to what people are responding.  According to Facebook, all the above features will be available universally by next few weeks.

Social Media Image Sizes Guide

Social Media Image Size Guide

It has been observed that people have a major misconception about the usages of images on social media. You cannot post one image on all social channels. Image should be designed in different sizes for each social channel to maintain the clarity and proportion. Let’s check what should be the size of images for each individual social media site.

Facebook Image Size –

On Facebook, we have to use images for various purposes like profile image, cover pic, ad etc.; therefore the sizes differ for single Facebook profile or page.

Profile image – 160*160 px

Cover image – 851*315 px

Ad image – 470*174px (desktop news feed)

560*208px (mobile news feed)

254*94px (Right column)


Twitter Image Size –

Header image – 1500*500 px

Profile image – 400*400 px

Twitter post – 1024*512px


LinkedIn Image Size –

Background photo – 1000*425px (width)

4000*4000px (height)

Banner Image – 646*220px

Ad image – 50*50px


Google+ Image size –

Cover image – 480*270px

Profile image – 250*250px


Pinterest Image Size –

Profile image – 165*165px

Board cover image – 217*147px

Images represent your brand on social platforms; therefore, they should look proper and make a good impression on consumers.

Instagram Brings Real Time Trends, Search By Location And Much More

Instagram Real Time Trends

Instagram has declared that it has added new search functionality to its Android and iOS apps, which will allow users to search photos by location, explore real-time trending search and much more. This all-new Explore page will go through the 70 million videos and photos shared on social network each day to discover trending places, people and tags.

Moreover, the Explore page has another addition of Curated collections. These collections will be displayed right at the top of the Explore page, and updated frequently. Some collections may include things like extreme athletes, ancient ruins, architecture and more.

Currently, only US users will have access to new Explore page, however the company said it will bring these features to other countries once it ‘fine tunes ‘ the experience. Till then they can enjoy the new search functionality. Now, whenever you will tap on the search bar you will see four tabs: tags, places, people and top.

This new ‘Top’ Tab is an efficient way to search across places, hashtags, and people at the same time. By using Places tab users can now search for videos and pictures taken at a particular location, something which was not available before on Instagram.

This new Search and Explore features are currently available on Android’s Google Play Store and iOS App Store in the US.

Facebook Updates News Feed Algorithm With Time Spent Reading Stories

Facebook Updated News Feed Algorithm

Facebook has declared that it has included a new ranking element in its News Feed algorithm. From now on along with likes, shares and comments, Facebook will also consider the time people spend with a particular content. After studying the user feedback, Facebook has found that content can still be worthy even if people haven’t taken the time to share, like or comment on a story.

This new algorithm update will not just consider the total amount of minutes you spend while reading that particular content, however, rather total time spent in comparison to the time you generally spend on any other type of content.  For instance, if you spent 15 minutes on a story you found in a news feed, when usually you spend only 5 minutes.

According to Facebook, Page owners should not expect to receive drastic changes in reach as an impact of this update. This new algorithm signal has started rolling out.

Facebook Introduces ‘Saved Replies’ To Help Out With Online Customer Service

Facebook Saved Replies Tool

Facebook has added one more tool in Facebook business page owner’s toolkit called “Saved Replies.” This brand new feature allows page owners to save canned responses to utilize when communicating to Facebook users.

Saved Replies is accessible through the Facebook page’s messaging interface. Page admins can iterate, create and save customer replies. Then they can scroll through the saved messages to find the most appropriate response, select sample replies, or can also modify their own.

Already, there are some likewise tools available such as Zendesk to help with customer service online, the availability of ‘Saved Replies’ will be accessible to marketers because it lives in Facebook’s framework. Moreover, companies who can’t afford to have expensive tools can use this free feature offered by Facebook.

Presently, Saved Replies is available for a small subset of page owners; however, soon it will roll out all over Facebook, as per Facebook spokesperson.

Saved Replies will be helpful for businesses who continually receive hundreds of inquiries on social media.

Instagram Ads To Be Displayed Based On Your Facebook Profile

Instagram ads are about to become too much personal. Just two days back, this photo sharing app, which Facebook bought in 2012 for $1, declared that from this winter, it will start using data from your Facebook Profile to target you through much relevant ads. Currently, Instagram ads can only target users based on gender, age, and country.

Instagram has mentioned that it is going to allow business of all sizes to start showing ads. It’s an initiative taken for 300 million monthly users to make more money.

It means in sometime, you will start seeing Instagram ads custom-made as per your Facebook profile and habits.


instagram ads

Buyable Pins, Pinterest’s New One Click Shopping Button

Pinterest Said To Be Raising Funding At $11 Billion Valuation


Have you ever wished for purchasing from Pinterest just by clicking on a pin? If yes, then Pinterest has decided to fulfill your wish with the help of Flipside an e-commerce company. Pinterest has introduced its “Buyable Pins”, which people can use to buy items directly from the Pinterest.

It’s a great news for consumers like you, who had wished for the same and also for e-commerce websites, as it can be another strong revenue stream to capitalize on. Buyable Pins are supportive to Pinterest’s current Rich Pins, a feature that allows websites to add product details and URL for Pinterest’s crawlers to check.

With Buyable Pins, business can use the functionality of purchasing the product directly from the app. If a Pinterest Pin has price mentioned in blue color then it’s a sign that you can directly buy it from Pinterest.

Shopify, an e-commerce giant will join hands with Pinterest and their payments will be practiced through Stripe. This new Buyable Pins will be available through Demandware in upcoming weeks. Soon, it will be available on the desktop and Android applications.

Instagram Marketing Tactics To Build Strong Following

Instagram Marketing Tactics

The success of Instagram is largely depends on its highly engaged community. Research explains that Instagrammers are adoring their platform and have a fabulous level of communication with content creators who stay active on the network.

As per Business resources of Instagram, the network presently shows –

–          300 million active users

–          5 billion photo likes daily

–          Every day more than 70 million new photos get posted

–          More than 30 million total photos get shared

Its impressive why so many business and brands are shifting to Instagram to connect with new audiences and engage them with the brand. Unlike other social platform users, Instagram users have a sense of inspiration and creativity as they use the network’s tool to beautify their content and share it with their followers, family, friends, audience members, colleagues and the rest of the world.

When it comes to making optimum use of Instagram, one needs to build a strong foundation. In case your brand is new to Instagram and don’t know from where it should start, then first go through the Instagram’s own business portal, where you will find diversified blog posts, infographics and many other resources to guide you on how to use the network and make the most out of it.

Here, check out the best tactics to promote your brand on Instagram –

High Quality, Good Image –

Accessibility is the beauty of Instagram. Just download the app on your mobile device and you can immediately click and share the photos. However, as we know sometime tablet and smart phone photos can be a bit blurry, fuzzy or just not good.  Instagram’s interesting Filter save such photos with their diversified colors and editing effects. Filter is one of the major aspects, which has made Instagram favorite photo sharing app. If you check the successful Instagram accounts, they go some extra mile to generate high quality, visually attractive content.

Storytelling –

Storytelling has always been a powerful tool in marketing. With Instagram, you can get opportunity of presenting your brand in a storytelling form. By using appealing visual content, you can engage your clients, audience members or customer and induce them to listen. Start up with framing visual content around a story and then develop it.

Engage With Your Fans –

People who are following you on Instagram are ultimately interested in what you are offering. Different from other social channels, where it may be complicated to search and engage with followers, Instagram is an easy platform to get connected with followers.

Tag With Hashtag –

Hashtag has become an inseparable part of social media, which can be used virtually for any network to search, track, participate and share in subjects of interest. On Instagram, hashtags help to connect Instagrammers to images, they might be interested in.

Reward Your Followers –

You can create long lasting relationships with your followers only when you will reward them for time and interest they have invested in you. From discount codes to special offers, a lot many things brands can do to reward the followers and experience better success.

Facebook Coming With “Add A Link” Feature To Challenge Google

Facebook Add A Link Feature

According to reports, Facebook is utilizing its index of more than 1 trillion posts to make it easy to share links on mobile. It is difficult for Facebook’s mobile users to search and share the links through their devices. Hence, the social platform is willing to solve the problem by providing an “Add a Link” button to some iOS users’ screens along with the options to share location or photos. Facebook confirmed the news saying, “We are conducting a new way to add a link that has been shared on Facebook.”

If users want to use the Add a Link button, they can type a search term into a box and then preview the link through available menu. Results based on websites and links are already famous in the Facebook app. The latest search feature could possibly yield a good deal of useful data for Facebook, containing user’s content choices and news along with targeted advertising match users’ tastes.

Latest Facebook’s venture into search can prove to be negative news for Google since users will no longer have to leave the app to look for content. An Add a Link button can also get advertising revenue away from Google in courtesy of Facebook’s enormous data and new plans to circulate new content on the website rather than connecting back to the actual website.

As an addition to this search feature, Facebook has also declared that it will now show quick-loading video and editorial content directly through publishers such as NBS News and The New York Times.