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Google to Penalize Sites That Push You to Download Their App

How to know my website is google mobile friendly

Google found a way against those app download interstitial — that pushes the users to download their mobile app.   The search giant announced that, as of November 1st, sites with intrusive app download interstitials will be penalized

“After November 1, mobile web pages that show an app install interstitial that hides a significant amount of content on the transition from the search result page, will no longer be considered mobile-friendly.”

If the sites are not considered as mobile friendly, it will have a significant impact on its organic search traffic. As google has already stated to support more mobile friendly sites in the mobile search.

Google has updated its mobile-friendly testing tool. As well, the Mobile Usability report in Search Console warns if there are large app download interstitials.

Rather than using app download interstitials, Google reminds that browsers promote apps in ways that are more user-friendly.

It’s evident that, when google issues a recommendation its often wise to follow it.

Meet Googles new CEO – Sundar Pichai



Larry Page being the chief executive of Alphabet.  Sergey Brin is its president & moving up in the ladder is Sundar Pichai.  A moment for India to cherish, Sundar Pichai acquiring a high profile job in the US technology industry.

Pichai , who has always been a bright student right from the school days has kept no stone unturned  to rise to the top of Google is a glowing endorsement in the global technology industry  . This Chennai born techie has captioned his school’s cricket team, leading it to win regional competitions.

He has served his knowledge at a length for Google & has contributed to the development of some remarkable products like Google’s web browser, Chrome, as well as the Android mobile operating system.

His concern is best summed up as Google’s core products – the bits that make the real money. That includes things like search, advertising, maps and YouTube.

His challenges comprise to navigate an intense battle of YouTube with Facebook in the video space. The social network has dramatically increased the amount of video being watched on its site – but YouTube still is the leading player.

Instagram Adds Search To Desktop Version

Instagram Desktop Search

Started as a mobile app, the renowned photo sharing app Instagram is building up its online presence by adding up some few features to their web-based browsing. On the first day of the week, Instagram incorporated updated search capabilities into its desktop experience.

Last month, Instagram allowed users to find posts based on hashtags, particular accounts or locations in the app. Now the same feature, users can use on too. Moreover, links to locations and hashtags will take the users to a landing page, which displays the top posts related to a particular topic, based on the number of likes. Earlier, users were able to get the exact post on through a user’s feed or just by clicking on the direct link.

According to Instagram, the update is released to offer a constant user experience across mobile and desktop. In June alone, with embedded posts Instagram received more than 5.3 billion impressions, so it has become a necessity for the platform to work on the discoverability on the desktop and provide users with more ways to grab the desired content.