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Types Of Content Leading In Today’s Digital Marketing World

Types of content

In the current era of digital marketing, content means everything. Nowadays, content does not mean just a standard 500 word blog article with some stock photo and call to action. In relation to make the content go viral with unbelievable numbers, you need to stand out in the crowd. Let’s check out some of the most recent game changers from the digital marketing world.

Live Streams –

In today’s technologically advanced world, it is very simple to live stream.  It’s been quite a long time UStream is there and now companies like Periscope and Meerkat got involved in the mix creating apps, which can be introduced at the tap of your finger on the smart phone.  This approach is real-time, gives content urgency, allows viewers to take a part, and is prepared to share at the tap on smartphone.

Gifographics –

In case you are searching for a kind of content to ‘one up’ your infographics, the most suitable option could be the gifographic. It’s a mix between a static and an interactive Infographic. If you do not have enough budgets to go all out with a custom interactive, a visually moving Infographic is perfect for you. These stand out among the static graphics and are much likely to be shared on the web. In the end, if it’s working for Google then it should work for your business.

Podcasts –

Today’s customer likes to find value and therefore today’s technology is ideal for podcasting. Podcasts are the best combination with comparatively low-cost to create and with a several playing and recording options; it is something that everybody can do. Not just that, users seeking a break from reading a blog post can discover a podcast. It’s easy for users to listen.  Moreover, smartphones make podcasts easy and accessible to share. A podcast can be a perfect investment for your company, if you are searching for another way to reach out to your consumers.

Involving The Fans –

The content trend is moving towards interactivity. It is not just about engaging the target audience but also about allowing them to communicate with the content. This is also supported by the growing technology trends and two way communications between consumers and brands. In relation to keep up with the competition, you must consider how you can build content, which includes and interacts with your target audience.

The time has come, when we have to think out of the box and be ahead of the game in today’s digital marketing trends. This does not mean putting more money, it’s coming up with a more artistic way to catch your followers and boost them to pass along your content.

6 Brilliant Ideas To Share Your Content


In the world of digital marketing, sharing web content is a must do task if you want to keep your website updated and form a consistent audience. The content you share leaves direct impact on your target audience’s decision making process and it can support you to build partnerships, develop credibility and importantly pull the attention of popular search engines. However, how can you make this possible? Apparently, you can’t draft an article, post it on the website and expect your audience to explore it. You have to spend time endorsing your content on all the channels, where you target audience comes frequently.

Here are some ideas on how you can take the most out of your content through sharing it on various platforms.

Content Creator Outreach –

Get connected with people in your industry who have already created a lot of content on your topic. By getting in touch with the content creators in related industry or your industry, you can build your contact list with influencers who might help you to promote your content. Since you are marketing your business online, creating alliances surely make a sense and can be more impactful than promoting your content on your own.

Always keep this in mind; your main objective in this outreach campaign is not to earn a link. You should feel happy if they like your content and share it in their connections, which will help you to reach out to a larger audience.

Email Campaigns –

If you want your content should reach out to its right target audience, then prompt email campaigns are the most suitable option. If you are holding minimum 1000 subscribers to your news section or blog, you can pull these 1000 subscribers towards your website through directing them to your recently circulated article.

Influencer Outreach –

If you want your recently posted content to be highly distributed to a large targeted audience in the industry then this option is just for you. Influencer outreach is similar to content creator outreach; however, the only variance is influencers have good credibility and reach that can be helpful for you. Web content shared through influencers tends to flow virally and gain a huge amount of traffic. Your content can be cited on other relevant websites in your industry through influencer outreach along with natural link credit.

Social Media –

Social media is another method for powerful content promotion. If you are targeting to a decent amount of followers on your social pages, then social media can make it simpler for your content to be noticed by existing readers. Social pages make audience interaction on each post so that you can talk directly to your audience.

Social Communities –

Similar to the niche voting website, social communities can also be helpful for your content to increase its visibility to your target audience. The only variance is your audience can be a combination of experts, newbies and even influencers of your industry who might be interested to check and share your content in social channels.

The best thing about sharing content in social communities is your audience can directly interact with you and other people connected to the community.

That’s all! Now, you are very well equipped with ideas to raise the reach of your content. Just keep in mind, your content alone can’t perform well if you don’t share it tactfully.

Google Brings Out New Mobile Search Feature, Relevant Content In Carousels

Google Mobile Search FeatureNext time, when you will do a Google search on your mobile device, you might receive a totally different user experience. The search giant has declared that from now on it is going to start grouping relevant content from one source into carousels, which will be showed under search results snippets.

When you look for a topic a carousel of recently search videos, articles and other content will be
presented to you through browser. Clicking on one of the content pieces will directly take you to it.

Google takes the examples of NPR, The Guardian, Bleacher Report, and ESPN as sites, which are presently using this feature. Still, if you can’t find it while searching for your preferred sites, Google says soon it will be making these carousels available for many more sites.

Right now, it doesn’t seem that this feature is available for searches apart from the US. It is probably being released for the US in English search only.


Facebook Won’t Charge You For The Ads Unless A Real Person Sees Them

Facebook Ads

Yesterday, Facebook offered a glimpse into its philosophy for counting ad impressions, unveiling that the company doesn’t think that ads should be charged unless and until a real person sees it.

While, it’s a common concept for advertising industry groups to count ‘served’ impressions, Facebook instead counts on ‘viewed’ impressions.

Here is the difference between viewed and served impressions –

Viewed Impressions – It counts impressions only, if the ad gets displayed on a user’s screen.

Served Impressions – As far as an ad renders somewhere on the pages, it’s considered as an impression, even though the ad displays somewhere on the page that a user never sees.

Facebook describes why it measures viewed impressions vs. served ad impressions:

“At Facebook, we think that viewed impressions are a better way to observe ad delivery. The reason is extremely simple. If an ad is viewed by users, it has a good chance to get the value for an advertiser. Due that we use viewed impressions to count ad delivery across the mobile and desktop.”

Facebook goes on to explain it that an ad is considered as viewed the moment it’s displayed in a mobile screen or desktop. If an ad is technically displayed but not actually viewed, then it’s not counted. Those similar conditions will be soon applied to organic content published by businesses.

Anybody who visits Facebook regularly can admit the fact that various ads get displayed over each day, so there are still a lot of ads being charged for, which are getting overlooked.

The approach of not charging for the ads which are never seen at all seems to be a good initiative taken by Facebook. The company includes that ‘our research displays that value will be added as soon as ads will be viewed by users, even though only some portion of the ad was checked for a long period of time.’

Photos Drawing Low Organic Reach On Facebook, Study Says

Facebook Image Post

Facebook photos, once known to pull best reach and engagement for Facebook pages, are now attracting the lowest audience. As per the data released by social media research company, photos are no more kind of Facebook, since less than a year ago.

Can you guess, what is the cause of their decline, it’s the success of photos on Facebook. The Facebook algorithm has decided on showing fewer photos in the news feed, while page owners were trying to pull organic reach.

It seems that Facebook’s recent encouragement towards video is what may have boosting photos falling out from Facebook algorithm, however, that would not describe why link posts and also plain text posts are reaching out good amount of people than photo posts.

As per the data, photos have received lowest organic reach since October 2014 till February 2015. During this period, on an average only 3 out of every 100 page fans checked a photo post.

If you compare, now video is becoming a proverbial king of Facebook, with 8.7% organic reach. This is followed by plain text and link posts, with average 5.3% and 5.8% organic reach respectively.

According to data circulated by Facebook in January unveiled that in the US, everyday at least one video is watched by 50% of daily active Facebook users. Also, when it comes to internet video consumption, Facebook has captured market share of YouTube.

Now, what Facebook Marketers should do?

Facebook page owners, who must have been concerned about their page’s organic reach should certainly start including more number of videos in their social media strategy. Video posted directly on Facebook, is known to attract most organic reach, so always keep that in mind, even if you are thinking to share YouTube links.

Hold on, that doesn’t mean you should completely discard the photo posts altogether, just start using as a mix bag, including videos, plain text posts on some occasion.

4 Common SEO Mistakes To Avoid While Updating Website

Are you planning to update your product line or brand? If so, then while updating your website, pay close attention towards your website SEO too. Moderating your website infrastructure makes it vulnerable to the domain authority and search engine indexing.


There are a lot of reasons why a website should be updated? Especially because of the consistent technological growth, you need to update the website multiple times. The moment you update your website, you start sensing some SEO shakeups, even if you are too careful about it, at least a handful of keyword ranking movements will be expected. Don’t get scared by this situation. Rather, start working towards preventing SEO damages, look at it as an opportunity to improve your SEO plan for long-term, even though if there are a few bumps throughout the way.

Inconsistent URL Structures –  

Disparity between the old and new website’s URL structure is one of the prevalent problem people face while updating the website. This disparity is responsible for numerous issues, so you might be attracted to just keep your URL structure simply the way it is – however, unfortunately this would leave back the purpose of upgrading your website at the first place.

Here, the major concern is that Google considers, consistency and history, which rating its domain authority. It clears the Web for the URL structures of different sites and indexes that information as part of its understanding of the broader web. When Google crawls your website, it expects to get those old URLs as a base structure, with new pages constantly appearing in the expected areas. When Google doesn’t find the old URLs, it puts a red flag that could directly leave a considerable impact on your SEO.

CMS Changes – 

During the procedure of updating your website, you may also consider changing or upgrading your CMS platform. There are huge high-quality platforms available, each platform with their own respective pros and cons, however, all the platforms have reliable or proper capabilities.

Designing Interference – 

Website builds upon various pillars. Number of different teams work together to build it, however, sometimes this team work leads to conflicting goals. While your search marketing efforts will be focused on increasing and preserving your domain authority and search rankings, your designer team’s goal will be to make a site visually dynamic and innovative. Unfortunately, SEO practices and visually appealing designs don’t go hand in hand.

Falling To Update Strategy – 

Updating the website is the biggest challenge, it gives you an opportunity to solve a lot of issues you may have forgotten or neglected while building your old website. It’s a good chance to make all the new changes and adjustments in your website’s on-site structure and twist to your long-term strategies.

HTTP/2 The Biggest Update To HTTP In 16 Years

HTTP/2 Update

Today, HTTP took a next major step towards becoming reality, it has been formally finalized and now is moving towards being completely standardized.

As per the blog published by IETF HTTP Working Group’s chairperson, Mark Nottingham, the standard was completed today and now it is on its way to the RFC Editor to move through the editorial processes before being circulated as a standard.

HTTP is a big deal; it’s an upcoming big version of the Hypertext Transfer Protocol, spot the largest change since 1999, when HTTP 1.1 was accepted.

The latest standard brings various benefits to one of Web’s major technologies, like longer-lived connections, speedier page loads, server push, and more items coming sooner. HTTP/2 utilizes the same HTTP APIs, which developers are familiar with, however, serves various new features they can accept.

One prominent change is, the requests for HTTP will be ‘cheaper ‘ to make. The Web community has frequently told developers to overlook too many HTTP requests to their pages that lead to optimization methods such as concatenation or code in line to lessen the requests. With HTTP/2 a brand new multiplexing feature, a lot of requests can be delivered at one point of time, so the page load is not blocked.

HTTP/2 also uses considerably fewer connections, hopefully impacting in lesser load for networks and servers. Google’s SPDY protocol was the base of new HTTP standard that is utilized by some technologies to control traffic that helps to develop security and latency, providing speedier page load times. Recently, Google released its plan to entirely shift to HTTP/2 in chrome.

WhatsApp Video Optimizer To Share Large Video Files Through WhatsApp

WhatsApp Video Optimizer

Undoubtedly, WhatsApp is ruling all over the world. In a limited span of time, it has become the world’s most popular messaging service, which is regularly used by a billion people.

The app offers numerous   features, but except one thing, sending heavy video files. If you try to a file that exceeds 16MB via WhatsApp, then you will not be able to send it. But technology has a fix for that too!

Now, there is a separate application that’s called as WhatsApp Video Optimizer, which will enable you to send larger video files (even movies) on WhatsApp. This app first compresses the   file, reduces the video resolution until it becomes to a sufficient size to send it through WhatsApp.

The WhatsApp Video Optimizer is easy to use, no complicated settings. It comes with options and features, such as –

  • Convert single or multiple videos at once
  • Share video directly on whatsapp after conversion
  • Record video directly from the app
  • Options to select encoding speed
  • Enough video conversion speed

The app works extremely well, the only hitch with this app is, currently WhatsApp Windows Optimizer APPX file is available only for Windows Phone at free of cost. Hopefully, Android users won’t have to wait for it too long!

Google ‘s New Trash Can Feature To Take Back Deleted Analytics

Google Analytics Trash Can

The new recovery feature released by Google Analytics means now users need not worry about the deleted accounts or data. The feature called “Trash Can” allows users to undo their deleted data or accounts in Google Analytics.

Trash Can feature is a protective net that retrieves the information, whenever users delete a property, view, or account from Google Analytics. Analytics users just need to choose an account from the Administration tab and click on the Trash Can icon. After that a complete list of deleted information appears, now the users just have to check off the information they want to reclaim and click on the restore button to take back the document to its previous state.

Here, the only issue with Trash Can is, it restores the information for 35days. The data gets permanently deleted after 35 days. Though, the feature has not launched officially by Google, still the information is being saved in Trash Can.

According to Google rep, Trash Can feature works as a direct response to user feedback. “We found a lot of users cases, where they had mistakenly deleted their accounts, views and properties. Mostly in a multi-user environment, this kind of mistake happens too often.  Trash Can provides a safety net to users, an opportunity to take back the things before being lost it forever.