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Snapchat To Display Short Pieces Of News And Entertainment Via Discover

Snapchat Discover

Snapchat has declared that from now on it will allow the media publishers to showcase their edited, short news clips and information via ‘Discover’. It will look like Snapchat’s stories arranged in series, which will run out after 24 hours.

Moreover, along with outside companies content, Snapchat is also going to circulate its own unique content. Though, Discover is going to display creative content to users, it is also going to work as a medium for advertising.

Every story arranged in the Discover will include an eye-catchy advertising, something that is simply glossed over in the news, which has a capability to be a great source of business for the company.

Snapchat has over 100 million monthly active users, which can use Discover wisely and advertise their business to millions of people.

It seems this is an early milestone of Snapchat, which indicates that it is going to be a major media platform in near future.

Whatsapp Now On Desktop

Whatsapp Now On Desktop

Are you one of those 600 million Whatsapp users, who have got tired of typing all chatting messages through the small keypad of your phone? There is good news for you! Now Whatsapp is available in a desktop version too.

It is a web app, not a native client. For now, it is just working with Google Chrome.

If you think that login into Whatsapp’s desktop version would be extremely easy, then it’s not. To login to the desktop, first you need to click a picture of a QR code through your phone with Whatsapp account. It is necessary, because most probably Whatsapp prefers your SMS verification and phone number rather than passwords/username.

Presently, it works on Windows Phone, Android and Blackberry, not on Apple because of its platform limitations.

‘Mobile Search’ Not Just For On The Go

Mobile Search

There is a common conception among the people that mobile search only happens on the go. As per the latest study conducted by Yahoo, 6,400 searches found that mobile search is not restricted to users on the go, almost half of the searches happen at home. Approximately three quarters of mobile searches occurred in settings with an available laptop or PC, such as office or home. Preference for mobile search continues to go up with four in ten consumers initiating more searches on mobile devices than laptops or PCs.

The study offers marketers a unique content to acknowledge the role of mobile both as a means to reconsider the campaign’s efficiency and as a crucial point of domination in the shopping decision.

The key findings of study include –

Mobile search is one of the steps of series of related actions –

  • 91% users moved to take another action on their mobile device
  • 62% users moved to use a laptop or PC
  • 77% users acted in person.

Half of mobile shopping queries lead to a purchase –

69% purchases happened in just first five hour of search and 76% occurred in person at a store.

Show rooming is an urban myth –
Just 7% searches happen in-store.

Make The Most Out Of Mobile Search –

Nowadays, the way of purchasing online goods has been changed, with each intersection between device and location, showing critical points of control. At these critical points, mobile searches respond to the ads with around half agreeing to the fact that sponsored listing can influence them to consider an added brand while shopping.

To convey the message, first marketers need to get consumer attention, due to that the positioning of an ad in the search results is important; also when consumers will hunt for the information they should easily get it.

Following are some of the key points marketers can use to enhance the impact of mobile search –

Tip 1 – Bid competitively to eat a top spot on search engine results page, as majority of mobile searchers react to the first or second listing.

Tip 2 – Check ad copy with brand names or superlative claims to pull great engagement on mobile devices.

Tip 3 – Use mobile specific call extensions or Sitelink location to divert searchers directly to your business.

Tip 4 – Consider that half percent of shopping relevant queries happen at home, while making location specific mobile media decisions.

92% Of Smartphone Users Use Google Apps!

Google Apps

Whether, you are in love with Google or scared of it, no one can deny with the fact that search engine is one of the most leading forces in the online world. As per the latest research, 92% of smartphones use Google apps.

Do you know, why Google plays a primary role? It’s quite easy to answer. Google is not just an effective, fast, and easy to use search engine, it also carries features, which are difficult for competitors to compete with. Maps, Gmail, Play Store, YouTube and Drive are examples of first-rate apps that almost everybody uses. There is one reason behind the power of Google that it’s constantly improving and investing the network. Google desires to be ahead of everyone else. The company makes sure its apps are functions and essential.  Most prominently, Google has become one of the most identifiable brands in the world. Precisely, it’s not just a brand; it has become a verb synonymous to searching on the web.

Search Result Positioning Is Critical To Click In Mobile Search, Study Says




According to the study released last week, search engine optimization can leave a prominent impact on the click-through rate, particularly on mobile search. The study has analyzed more than 2.6 million clicks and 2 billion imprecision.

Let’s discuss some of the findings of the study –

The study has found that if you are not first then you might be the last. The most important findings are those, which portray the mobile behavior. The first search ranking result comes in at 27.7% CTR and falls to just 9.2% for the second place search result. The study states to be the first to collect an inclusive data set of CTR for mobile. While analyzing desktop metrics, CTR rates drop by 7.9% from the first search ranking result to the second.

The research also incorporated desktop results for non-branded versus branded CTR.  The top ranked branded search has 22% higher CTR than the second number spot. However, once you reach out to the fifth ranking result, the CTR stays steady through the 10th ranking result.

Some of the most surprising insights the study has discovered are the higher percentage in position 4 vs. 3 on mobile search that seems to be connected to user behavior and the higher percentages for position 10 vs. 9 that moreover talks to user behavior.




Mobile Search Spend To Go Beyond Desktop By Next Year; iOS Leading Mobile Web Traffic

iOS mobile search traffic

One recently published report has revealed the projections for mobile search spending for over the next 4 years. As of now, it seems that mobile search spending in the US is expected to exceed desktop search spending.

The overall search spending contains companies putting money into both SEO and PPC ads, for both tablets and smartphones. The predictions are amazing considering last year mobile accounted for just a quarter of all search spending.

In addition next year the ROI of mobile search spend will continue to trace desktop search. The report points out that it is necessary to measure the performance on mobile, especially when it holds a major impact on sales in physical stores.

iOS – Mainstream Mobile Traffic Sender

The recent survey in relation to mobile traffic suggested that, iOS traffic is more as compared to Android.

Furthermore, since the release of iPhone 6, web traffic from iOS devices has reached to 61.4%, while 37.5% mobile web traffic is received from Android devices. Therefore, we will conclude that large population of people is iOS devices and possibly even Android users are shifting to iOS.  Although, Android is the leader, but iOS is significantly used for mobile browsing.

How To Improve Mobile Pages To Increase Phone Leads?

Click To Call

Google’s ‘Click to Call’ feature seems to be most appreciated by users as around 70% of mobile searchers prefer to use ‘Click to Call’ option to connect with the business.  By offering this feature, Google has made the process contacting the business considerably easier.

As per the study conducted by Google & IPSOS, most users were of an opinion that they would resort to any other business, if they did not find the click to call feature

That means if your business is getting ranked on Google but doesn’t facilitated a ‘Click to Call’ feature then you are possible losing out on a large number of potential customers.

‘Click to call’ is one of the prominent aspects, which can increase mobile leads for your business as usually customers decide to click on it because either they want to enquire about the business/product/service, check the business hours, availability, schedule an appointment, or booking information. All these questions usually customers prefer to ask over the phone, therefore, the call should be answered quickly from the business.

Optimizing on the click to call feature? Check below –

1.      Have effective mobile landing page & attract callers

The way website landing page holds importance in the Pay Per Click process, same way mobile landing pages can also do magic in order to converting leads into conversions. Therefore, start working on making mobile landing pages attracting and persuade customers. The research shows that the conversion rate can increase by 52% with longer mobile landing pages.  Think from the customer’s perspective and design the landing page accordingly making it more customer friendly.

Mobile sites are more than just a normal desktop website. There are an ample of options for the users to explore that makes the mobile sites stand out. Thus making use of these features to an optimum level keeps the users engaged.

As per the recent study conducted, vanity number can enhance the response and lead generation rate by 60%. Hence, try to add it in your marketing and advertising campaigns to increase leads.  People prefer vanity number over regular number because it is easy to recall, 72.3% people can remember the vanity number in a glance after seeing an advertisement.

Moreover, your business phone number should be clickable, that is a mandatory field you must work on. For example, if any visitor is visiting your site through mobile device & comes across your phone number which is not click able, then you tend to lose out on potential customer at the very moment. Thus, incorporating a click to call feature you are making it easier for the customer to reach out to you.


2.      Study On-Page Behavior –

After getting the mobile landing page ready, its time to track the performance of it. Currently, there are some systems available that will allow you to filter the sessions through various devices; however, they won’t show the elements of page resulted in a call. These systems work effectively while tracking desktop sessions, however they are not useful to track phone CTAs.

If you desire to increase phone leads then first you need to figure out what causes customers to visit your mobile site. And in order to calculate that, call tracking system can help you out.  Also with the help of call tracking system, you can see your calls as events in Google Analytics.


3.      Distinguish Quality In Calls –

How will you differentiate the low quality calls and high quality calls? It’s simple, use record phone sales feature. Outleads is a system, which has this feature and it records the information in Google Analytics as an e-commerce transaction.

How To Increase Downloads Of Your App?

How To Increase Downloads Of App

Developing an app is not an easy thing to do. You must have worked hard to make your app look perfect and ready to download. After making the app available, it’s expected that you will see some quick downloads. However, it’s a temporary phase as in the majority of cases the numbers of download start reducing day by day. That means developing an app and then uploading it on Google Play Store is not enough. Getting more and more number of users on app and making them download it is vital, if you wish to make good amount of profit out of it.

To make it happen, you need to engage and encourage the users to download the app. It is a tricky process for developers who have developed the app very first time. Downloads will increase only when the app will reach out to s large number of people. Make your app popular to get it noticed by users. There are a lot of things, which you need to consider to increase the downloads of your app such as –


1.     Translated App Descriptions –

Whenever a user comes across to a new app, firstly he looks out for a description to know what exactly this app is all about? Therefore, work on your description and create a nice long description for your app. Describe your app in local language like Spanish, Korean, Chinese or French. Google Play has a feature to translate the description automatically with Google Translate.

Moreover, don’t forget to infuse popular keywords in the title and description of an app, this way you will increase the chances of getting your app displayed on top of the page. Make sure the keywords are relevant to your app and also don’t do over stuffing of keywords. The content should be good and professional. The title should be relevant to the use and function of the app.

While listing out the app features, be transparent and mention about the monetization as well if it is there in the app.


2.    Make A Video –

Create a video for your app and increase your app visits. Yes, video will definitely boost up downloads of your app. Hire a professional agency to get the best video for your app and use it as a major promotional tool for your app.


3.   Limited Discounts –

For a period of time, you can either offer your app for a free of cost or at a half price. As nothing will pull the customers better than a good bargain price. You can use some specific software to manage the timing and timescale of your app discount. Making an app available at half price or free will boost up downloads; also it will help to rank the app at a higher position in the list of popularity.


4.    Get Reviews –

If you can get some reviews published about your app on some popular blogs then it will surely prove beneficial for your app. There are many blog writers, who would like to review your app and write about it.


5.    Use Social Media –

If you want to make people talk about your app then social media is a great platform to do so and that too free. You can use various social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc…to increase the awareness, engage the audience. Also, with the help of social media sites you can keep your followers updated about the app and online app world.


Improve Mobile Search Interaction With Some Simple Tricks

Improve Mobile Search InteractionRecently, Google announced some major changes in it’s algorithms, which would strongly penalize the website, which were not optimized for mobile surfing. They have listed some prevalent mistakes such as faulty redirects, unplayable videos, URLs that appear as an error page on smartphones, page loading in slow speeds and inappropriate cross-linking etc. It is important to know that your website content should be visible for mobile and other handled devices.

The process of browsing the website should be quick for surfing. As per the report published by Microsoft, 70% of computer ‘query chains’ gets completed in about seven days that means users frequently bookmark, search and come back to the site before they complete the task. Quite the reverse, 70% of mobile users finish their tasks in just one hour. Mobile users are likely to be much focused and frequently seeking for the information, services or goods they require at certain point of time.

Make Searching Easier –

If you wish that once the user would come to your site, he should get the exact information, what he is looking for and this can be accomplished by providing a high quality website search. Mobile users don’t like to browse through numerous product displays or be enforced to navigate through the various pages till the time they don’t get what they want. The site search gives them a freedom to access the related pages or products swiftly. Site search users also likely to switch at a higher rate, hence now it is extremely important for companies to fortify their mobile website search and improve the performance of website.

Tips for effective website search –

Make Use Of A Well-Known Search Box –

Don’t make users to search for it! If users want to use the search box and you too want them to use it then make sure the search box is visible. Place it significantly at the top of your website’s homepage; make sure it is clearly visible.

Auto Complete –

Make a use of Auto complete, it suggests terms whenever a visitor types the first letter of any keyword. The suggested terms make it simpler for users to find what they are actually looking for. You can consider Auto Suggest feature as well, it displays alternative terms based on user’s browsing history.

Never Ending Scrolling –

Never ending scrolling is another way of reducing clicking, typing and waiting for the new pages to appear. It looks like a small feature, however, it makes your website much user friendly.

Showcase Your Promotions –

Whenever, visitors look for a product or brand name that is on sale, add a keyword driven banner at the topside of your search results to highlight the promotional content. This might results in good deals.

Give Localized Information –

A lot of mobile search tasks are localized in nature means users who are searching for services or goods related to their present location. This can be offered by using GPS tracking facility of mobile devices.

6 Simple Tips To Build Stronger Mobile Presence Than Your Competitors

Importance of mobile website

In today’s smartphone freak world, it has become extremely important to work on preparing mobile ad strategies, which can reach out to each diverse mobile user. The strategy includes considering a change in timing, search patterns and usage of the device. The basic step towards targeting the mobile audience is to first assess and prepare a mobile ad program, which should elaborate the lifestyles and needs of the mobile users.

Retailers around the world are pretty aware about how drastically the mobile market is rising. Hence, it is totally worth it to target mobile users and form a strong online presence.

Thus, today we have come up with some brilliant tips that will help you to build up a strong online presence.

1.   Online website is not enough, have a good mobile website too! – 

Having online website is not enough in today’s time; you need a mobile website too, to target your potential customers. Every business should have a proper working mobile website, which people can check on the go, take a look of products or services and place an order. User experience matters a lot, when it comes to about online business or online marketing.  Once your mobile website will be done, make sure you frequently test your mobile website on various devices like IOS, Android and check whether it appears and works properly or not.

2.    Stylize your search ads and get attention for mobile bargain seekers –

Let the mobile users feel that your website is there to fulfil your needs. Add a custom call to action in the search ad description and create a mobile suitable ad on the backend. This will help you to increase the overall reach of your mobile ad campaign.  Integrating the creation of mobile ad with a customer data analysis like search pattern, purchase time by user category can help businesses to optimize their mobile ads better way and get a great ROI across the world.

3.    Let the users reach out to the call of action –

Mobile users like to find call of action immediately because searching through a mobile device is not that easy. Hence, add the call of action at the proper place and keep the purchase process simple. Also the sales funnel should appear quickly as mobile users don’t like to wait for a long time. The mobile based sales funnel must have three pillars, fast, easy, and to the point.

 4.    Go with direct ads and shorter keywords –

Mobile users prefer typing shorter search queries because of a small size keypad; hence, it would be thoughtful if you would build an advertising plan as per the search behavior. Also, it is highly important to convey your message directly and offer a call to action. As people should get to know what exactly they should do on the website.

 5.    Track customer behavior pattern and results –

You should know the behavior pattern of your website visitors. Google offers you an amazing set of free tools to know your visitors very well. Primarily, make sure you have installed Google analytics to check bounce rate, goal conversion rates, average time on site and much more relevant data that could show positive mobile results.

Each & every day, the mobile industry is experiencing new and brilliant inventions, which show great opportunity to businesses to get new potential customers both offline and online. Mobile users carry completely different behavior than desktop users and therefore, it should reflect in your marketing plan. This way you can stay ahead of your competitors.