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Indispensable ways to convert mobile users into potential customers


Mobile is the present & the future generation, be it the responsive or mobile le optimized landing pages. Marketers are looking for a biggest potential in the mobile marketing & drafting new strategies to pull masses.

A maximum number of traffic for e-commerce sites come from mobiles, still the conversion rate for mobile uses is less.

Its time inject new ways & scalable tips for mobile marketing.

  • Cross Device Targeting – Facebook made 69% of its revenue with mobile advertising, beating the desktop ads straightly. Mobile advertising in the next big thing, there has been a lot of innovation through mobile advertising   from video ads to native ads, to in-app advertising. The consumer today is a multi-device , multi- platform , thus measuring the results from one platform & ignoring the consumers action from the other platform that resulted from the original ad exposure does injustice to your advertising efforts.  Thus cross platform & devise shopping is the new obvious.
  •  Push Out More – Erm – Push Notifications – Now push notifications can be personalized down to a segment or even user level. For example, Uber uses geo-targeted messages to alert users when prices have dropped in their area. This feature induces riders to book a ride and avoid higher prices. If you don’t have mobile apps , then you can invest in text messaging , there aare higher chances of purchases based on very personalized text messages.


  • Push notifications on your mobile can be used for  key events , coupons etc
  • Unique personalized content in your push notifications/text messages. That’s the secret sauce to amazing mobile conversions.


  •  More Video Content – Focus on the video based content is getting more  stronger & is leading to conversions.  Video marketing need not be the domain for bigger brands , small businesses can equally capitalize on the opportunity through tips , how to videos , etc
  •  Go Local To Go Mobile – All mobile devises have local internet, people turn it on for may be getting the address of a close by restaurant, or a store location. The important thing is that your mobile content – both paid ads and organic content – should be adequately geared towards local searches to drive conversion numbers.
  •  Encourage Mobile Payments – Lastly & the most important aspect, invest more in mobile payments. With Google Wallet & Apple Pay coming in, it has changed the phase of Mobile Payments.   According to a consumer survey carried out by the U.S. Federal Reserve, 22% of all mobile users had made at least one mobile payment in the last year.

So to conclude, mobile payments mechanisms can be considered as the credit cards for the future.  The sooner you approve them – in the form of in-app payments, POS payments, P2P mobile funds transfers, QR code payments and more – the faster your business will be on the road to higher conversions.








Content Tips To Make Website Mobile Friendly

Mobile friendliness is a new dimension that search marketers need to study and work accordingly. Earlier, the online search study was limited to landing and site page adjustments, however, now it has gone beyond it. Marketers should start working mindfully by aligning and formatting their content for maximum mobile consumption and impact. Do you know, how? Let’s check it out!

Concentrate on clear and crisp headlines –

Nothing can be as critical as creating crisp and interesting headlines for mobile format. Restricted space on mobile means you have to conciseness and make every word count. You can practice it by posting tweets; it will be a good exercise to write short yet crisp headlines.

Track the inverted pyramid –

Don’t make your website audience to travel a lot to reach the desired point. Highlight the key aspects in the page and important details. It will save visitor’s time and make their visit hassle free.

Feature your call to action strongly –

Make the call to action button more clickable by featuring it strongly. Also more importantly, make sure the desired conversion can be simply made by your mobile audience.

Keep short paragraphs –

Big blocks of text can look discouraging on a tiny screen and may boost up somebody from reading all the way through. Therefore, keep your paragraphs short with a few sentences. Try to use bullets or lists to pull the reader’s eyes to important points.

Optimize The Content-

Start writing mobile conscious content, monitor and optimize it to create better impact and get outcomes. Here to a few elements to focus –

·         Create & maintain meta descriptions that stand out

·         Draft SEO-friendly headings

·         Integrate essential keywords in SEO-friendly way

·         Selecting and optimizing tags and images

Creating a mobile friendly content has become a need of an hour to stay on top of the trends. So, gear up, make your website mobile friendly to lead the competition.

How To Have Stronger Mobile Presence On Search Engines?

Mobile Presence On Search Engine

Creating mobile ad strategies to mirror each varied mobile user population is becoming much important day by day. This comprises of moderating search patterns, device usage and timing. Mobile marketers pointing audiences need to assess and create their mobile ad program to imitate the lifestyles and needs of the mobile users.

Dealers are very well aware about how rapidly the mobile market is developing. So, is it worth targeting these customers? And how can you create a strong online presence?

Have a mobile website that’ll work on all smartphones –

There is nothing much depressing than a website that doesn’t appear correctly on the mobile screen. People don’t like to scroll and zoom to reach the sentence. It is essential to create a good customer experience. During the procedure of creating mobile website, keep on testing your mobile website on various devices and make sure it is working perfectly fine.

Keep your ads presentable for the mobile bargain hunter –

Inform the mobile users that your website is tailored for their needs. You can make this happen by creating custom call-to-action in the description section and forming mobile centric ads on the backend. This is surely going to boost the CTR on your mobile campaign. Merging the creation of mobile ad with a custom data analysis like the research patterns and buying time by user category, companies will be well prepared to optimize their mobile ad programs to get good toehold and ROI around the globe.

Use all the possible extensions to attract customers –

Users follow the businesses closely; therefore, it is essential to convey this information early on the conversion funnel. You can communicate the information through advertising message that can happen with AdWords.  Another option is call extensions; it encourages searchers to make a call straight from the advertising messages. It is a good solution for local businesses.

Track customer behavior and results –

You should know your customer and their behavior on the website. Google offers you a set of great tools to help you. For the same, first make sure you have Google Analytics, observe the bounce rate, goal conversion rate, average time on website and a lot other significant data  for your business differentiating mobile results and desktop results. Have a look at your mobile data and check which pages are performing well and which are not performing. Another aspect to look at is ‘AdWords’, which tells you about which keywords have the highest bounce rate, which keywords are converting well, how mobile is doing as compared to desktop.

The usage of mobile devices is growing amazingly these days. They represent a great opportunity for businesses to get customers both in store and online. Mobile users behave differently than desktop users and so it should reflect in your marketing strategy. A good way to be on top of the competition is to analyze what your competitors are doing and try their practices to work out your campaign.

Google Makes It Simpler For Users To Fill Out The Forms Through Mobiles

Chrome Autocomplete Attribute

Recently, Google made an announcement of an improvement of its auto-complete attribute in Chrome, which will eventually make it faster and easier for users to fill out the forms through mobile devices. It is essential to understand that this is not any kind of default feature, which Chrome automatically implements on all websites, it’s on each website owners to make sure that their forms are tagged with the auto-complete attribute.

If you want drive users to fill out the forms, whether to sign up for free or complete the purchase process then it would be beneficial to have the autocomplete attribute in the browser. In fact, Google goes beyond to spread word about it.

“Making websites friendly and easy to browse for users on mobile devices is very important. We hope to see many forms marked up with the “auto-complete” attribute in the future.”

By using auto-complete attribution you can tag input element fields with common data types, like ‘street-address’ or ‘name’, without modifying anything else in the site.

That means when every field is marked up as per the form of data being put it in, Chrome will have an idea about precisely what auto-fill-in when a user clicks on the field on their mobile device. As per Google, utilizing auto-complete attributes to fill out the forms has enhanced the chances of completions for multiple site owners.

For an example, Google has given a sample form to see how the markup code looks like. Check it here –

Reasons Why Call Only Ads Should Be Included In Your PPC Strategy



The mobile world is continually growing and expanding its branches tremendously. As per the Google statistics –


  • 79% of smartphone owners majority use their phone to shop


  • 70% people do internet search on mobile and call the businesses directly through search results.


  • 82% of mobile shoppers are using search to decide what they are going to shop for.


Last month, AdWords came up with a new ad format for phones with call-only campaigns. This is an ‘update’ from the call extensions, which we have been using. While call extensions are an efficient way to promote your business contact number in an ad, call-only campaigns have moved one step ahead. It is particularly targeted to business, for whom the focus is phone calls. However, even though some part of your business depends partially on phone calls as opposed to clicks, it is a plan that you must include in your marketing mix.


It is easy to set up the campaign. When you will make a campaign in the Settings tab, just select the Call-Only option.


Are you still skeptical about this new feature? If yes, then check out the following compelling reasons to migrate to this new feature.


  1. Phone number shouldn’t be at the topside of the ad –


With this ad format, the first thing, which you get to see, is the phone number, titled as ‘Call’, unlike call extensions. This new ad format is more likely to encourage the user to take an action. It is visible with big font size and blue colored text. 


  1. A click is equal to phone call –


With call-only ads, a click immediately gets translated into a phone call. In spite of someone clicking on an ad and landing on the website, you directly connect the buyer and seller to each other and make them talk. Therefore, it is essential to increase the value of each call. You can bid for ads based on what value it contains for your business. For example, you can bid based on the ROAS for the call.


  1. Noticeable Call Button –


The call button is placed next to the ad in a noticeable form. This provokes users to make an immediate call and inquire.


  1. Ability to run more targeted ads –


It is essential to plan a strategy with call-only-ads. As the call to action is the call itself, here you don’t have to work on text to promote a call to action. This is totally different from writing ad copy, which we usually do, so it needs a different treatment. Ensure that your ad creates a notion that you can be reached out in an effortless way and that they are not directed to a website.


  1. Direct connection to your business


When you look at call-only ads as a direct connection to your business. Make sure when somebody calls in, your call support team is quite well-versed in the ad copy, which is being used, so they know what people are seeking for when they make calls. This is essential because people are not dependent on your website – they are dependent on your call center.


Call only ad is a great way to promote your business by directly targeting your mobile customers. Try it!




Google Reforms Google Flights Search To Provide Best Deal

Google Flight Search

The vacation season is round the corner, as a result Google has started experiencing a rise in travel-related searches. In relation to the same, the search giant has launched a series of updates to its Google Flights service developed to make it easy for you to plan out your next trip.

If you are eager to find a good deal, then there is a no ‘best day’ to travel, claims Google. You can get good deals on any another day of the week that is workable if you are flexible with the travel dates.

To easily do a comparison between the costs of travelling on the day to day basis, you can use the Google Flights calender that shows the price for travelling on every day with the best deal highlighted. If you are planning a trip further then Google has lists of prices, where you can use the lowest price graph to somehow correctly predict how prices will fluctuate from month to month.

Moreover, you can adjust flight preferences, like direct flights only, see flight prices, which meet your demand. If you have done with your selections, but Google finds there is a cheaper rates available, it will lead you to the cheaper dates or cheaper routes just to provide you the best deal and make you satisfied with what have have selected.

According to Google, over half of the searchers don’t have an idea where they exactly want to travel, they just want to go on a vacation. With the help of Google Flights, you just need to type your need in search terms such as “Flights to Mexico” or “Flights to Europe” and get a list of prices for travelling to various cities within the mentioned regions.

Remember, cheapest is not always good, especially when it comes to travelling. A lot of time, going the cheap by the route means numerous connections in spite of none. That’s the reason Google Flights has long released the ‘Best Flights’ feature, which helps you to find the best combination of convenience and price.

How To Ace In Mobile App Marketing?

Mobile App Marketing

Apps have been existed much longer than most of us realize. In the year 1990, the first app made its appearance through PDAs such as Palm Pilot and the Psion. It was a time when apps used to run on Symbian, Java, Bada, Brew and much more. As we know, apps have made their debut in 2008 with the release of Apple’s App Store immediately after the launch of the Android Market of Google.

Today, app development has become a full-fledged career stream with 627,000 jobs released by the iOS ecosystem since 2008 in the US only. 2014 was an incredible year for the app industry with a $25 billion record-breaking revenue made in a just single year. Google Play was the ultimate leader in 2014, when the number of apps was doubled in its store. The app Store developed too, by almost 60%.

Another side of this boom town story is that currently 1.2million apps are hosted on the app store, approximately 80% are ‘zombie apps’ with hardly measurable downloads. The story is not extremely different for around 1.4 million apps, which Google Play hosts.

The most prominent issue faced by the app is one of discovery. What should they do, to stand out in the crowd of apps and get attention from the users? Here is the answer –

Great Product Deserves Great Response –

As an app developer, your apps is your blue-eyed baby. For you, it is the best, most amazing app ever to place in an app store. However, that’s not enough, share your app idea with your family and friends to know what they think of it. If you are building an app for your business then get inputs from your business customers. The basic requirement of any smash-hit app is very simple. The app should have swag. This doesn’t mean all style and no substance. Build an app, which user will with each other to download. You can fulfil that presently exists. You can add new functionality to an existing app form, and build something completely new.

Optimize Your App –

Innumerable hours are spent optimizing websites to make them discoverable by search engines such as Yahoo, Bing or Google. In comparison, the amount of attention app developers give to optimizing their apps is considerably low. This needs to be taken into the accounts. You know that you have to create a great app, your friends know that, however, your audience does not. Hence, optimize it properly and make it visible for everyone. There are pretty clear ‘in-app’ elements that help to boost your apps visibility.

– Start with your app name
– Get the description of your app written by professional writers
– List out your app in the right category before you move ahead
– When it comes to app downloads size matters

Spread word through social media –

In the current scenario, no marketing plan is complete without including social media in the plan. Before you put thousands of dollars or rupees in marketing your app, start creating a social identity of your app through social platforms, which are known as planet of potential audience.

Maintain an active mobile optimized site –

As per the research data, nearly 40% of users discover an app through the internet or the mobile web. When a visitor clicks on the app through a search results page or clicks on an ad through mobile phone, user has to be landed on a page, where he can get to know more about it. In simple words, a mobile optimized, functional site that presents your app’s best features, is an important aspect of getting users to learn a lot about your app and download.

Mobile Search Spend To Capture 83% Share by 2018

Mobile search spend share

Just prior Christmas, research released by eMarketer predicted that by 2018, mobile will share 76.7% of search spend. However, the market research company has come up with an even more astounding number. According to new numbers, by 2018, mobile’s search spend share will be 83%.

The last year prediction was lower than one released in June, as majority of companies are having unpredictable high ad revenues. Back in 2012, desktop shared around 87% of marketer’s search spend, while only $2.24 billion spent on mobile. These statistics contains paid inclusion, contextual text links, SEO, and Paid listings, while mobile accounts for advertising on search applications, search engines, and portals for both tablets and smartphones.

Though, mobile’s budget share has increased at a constant rate, moving 12% in 2013 and 15% in 2014. It is expected that this year it will increase to 13%, which will make marketers to spend on mobile search up to $12.97 billion.

As mobile usage has grown, desktop search has raised too speedily. In a short span of time, desktop spend has fallen to $1.5 billion, losing 27% of the spend share. According to eMarketer’s prediction for 2015, desktop search will be $12.3 billion. With 47.4% of the share, desktop share will be lower than mobile for the very first time.

WhatsApp Starts Releasing Free Voice Calling Feature To Limited Users In India

WhatsApp free voice calling feature

WhatsApp is examining its free voice-calling feature by circulating it among a limited number of people in India. It seems, WhatsApp is speeding up to launch its new calling feature to meet Hike’s challenge. However, there is no reason for Hike to worry about it as it has become a second largest user base in the voice-calling segment.

Presently, WhatsApp’s free voice calling feature is expected to get available on invite-only basis, which means the feature will be available for you, only when you will receive a call on your WhatApp from someone who already has it. For now, the release has been limited for Android users only, is reported to be accessible through the latest version 2.11.508 app.

If you have unbelievably or accidentally been received WhatsApp’s voice calling feature then you will see an icon of it beside the Contacts and Chats tabs.