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What Is Infographic & How Can It Benefit You?



While surfing the web, you must have come across the entertaining and educating infographics, which describe complex things in a very colorful and attractive manner. In the last few years’ infographics have become a rising trend. In fact, since 2010 to 2012, the search volumes of infographic have raised over 800%.  So, today we will discuss about what exactly are infographics and what are the benefits of using it?

Infographics are visual graphic representations of information, knowledge or data designed to explain complex information clearly and quickly. Infographic collates data and classifies it and turns this information in an easy to identify visuals, like map or chart.

 Benefits of Inforgraphics –

  1.  Infographics are much attractive than printed words, since they generally combine colors, images, content and movement, which usually draw the eye.
  2.  Since majority of people have extremely shorter the attention spans, we prefer to ‘scan’ the text rather than reading. Moreover, we usually remember information, which we have seen more than read.
  3.  Infographics can be used to boost up the brand, mainly because they are extremely appealing visually. If you plan out an infographic with constant shapes, colors and message, with a logo, you can use it as an effective mean of ‘Brand Awareness’.
  4.  Infographics are highly shareable around the web. They easily get shared on social networks and carry a better chance to go viral as compared to simple text.
  5.  A well designed inforgraphic can drive a huge amount of audience to your website since they are much likely to ‘click’ & ‘share’ on it. And they will help to improve Google’s Page Rank algorithm, which is important from SEO point of view.
  6.  Finally, infographics are fun and engaging mode of creating awareness, which build a unique connection between visitors and your site.