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How Often Should You Post On Social Media?

Your social media efforts can really pay you back only if you know when to post. With the help of some research studies, we have created a list of the average idyllic frequencies to post all your social media platforms to gain the most mileage out of them.

Facebook – 2 times in a day
In the past few years, the Facebook News Feed has gone through the various changes. Therefore, start updating your page twice a day before likes and comments start dropping down.


Twitter – 3 times in a day
Engagement drops a bit after third tweet.


Google+ – 3 times in a day
Post consistently or traffic might drop than normal.


Pinterest – 5 times in a day
Posting multiple times helps for rapid growth


LinkedIn – 1 in a day
20 posts in a month allows you to reach 60% of your audience

Instagram – 1.5 times a day
Major brands post at an average 1.5 times in a day to Instagram. Posting more will not take down the engagement graph.


Search Result Positioning Is Critical To Click In Mobile Search, Study Says




According to the study released last week, search engine optimization can leave a prominent impact on the click-through rate, particularly on mobile search. The study has analyzed more than 2.6 million clicks and 2 billion imprecision.

Let’s discuss some of the findings of the study –

The study has found that if you are not first then you might be the last. The most important findings are those, which portray the mobile behavior. The first search ranking result comes in at 27.7% CTR and falls to just 9.2% for the second place search result. The study states to be the first to collect an inclusive data set of CTR for mobile. While analyzing desktop metrics, CTR rates drop by 7.9% from the first search ranking result to the second.

The research also incorporated desktop results for non-branded versus branded CTR.  The top ranked branded search has 22% higher CTR than the second number spot. However, once you reach out to the fifth ranking result, the CTR stays steady through the 10th ranking result.

Some of the most surprising insights the study has discovered are the higher percentage in position 4 vs. 3 on mobile search that seems to be connected to user behavior and the higher percentages for position 10 vs. 9 that moreover talks to user behavior.




How Much Images Are Important For Google?


The studies have proved that 40% of people respond better to visual images than plain text, also even our brain process visuals 60,000 times faster than plain text.
That is why visual content is so much important.

How Images Play Important Role In Your SEO Strategy?

High quality content is a premium way of organic visibility. Earlier, we have seen Google prioritize the image blocks in the SERP, moving from position 3 to position 2 or even 1 in the majority of countries. Images are an important aspect of a good SEO strategy. Visuals attract search engines as well as users.

Images help you to improve search engine rankings and engage the users. They also play an important role in conversion rate by decreasing your bounce rate and augmenting the time users stay on your website, which are two vital factors of Google ranking.

Why You Should Use & Optimize Images?

1. To Improve Rankings –

Optimized images help to improve rankings in Google. As per the analyzed searches, even though the frequency of images is less than videos, still when it comes to 1st position in SERP, after the classic text result, images are more frequent as compared to videos and other content type. The research has stated that 70% of all image results rank on the first five positions in the SERP. Google knows that users like images therefore Google pushes images up.

2. To improve sales online –

As per the research conducted by an e-commerce site, 67% of consumers estimate the quality of product from the quality of product image, 63% give importance to product specific information, 53% ratings & review and 54% to a long, detailed description. The images are strong selling points for your products online.

3. To Pull Relevant Traffic –

Optimized images generate good amount of traffic. Actually, 60% of consumers prefer to click on a business whose images display in search results. Images not only generate good traffic but relevant traffic. If you put images on your site, which are completely irrelevant to what your site is all about, then the visitor will look at the images and you will lose out on a potential visitor. Try to incorporate images more pertinent to your subject.

4. To have content ready for social media

Once you have designed good images to use and optimize on your website, start sharing this visual content on social platforms as images easily generate social media engagement.

Tips To Optimize Images –
– Use images relevant to the content.
– Optimize images for search engines and people
– Use file name related to the content and the image of the page
– Use images for social media

Why Does Google Want To Roll Out The Hummingbird Update?

Google Hummingbird Update

“Google Hummingbird Update is coming!” shocked? “What the hell is this?” is it the first word that comes out of your mouth? It must be, for sure! Because over the years Google updates have made such drastic changes in the Google algorithm that the people have started getting nightmare of the Google updates. Whenever, the news or rumours about Google update spread out, the series of questions starts popping up in our mind, isn’t it? The questions like, is it the thing that will determine our website ranking? Is it going to be a big algorithm change in past 12 years? How much is it going to harm my website or SEO ranking? What about all my SEO efforts? Phew…these and many more questions like it. There is no need to get panic or worried if you are following the right SEO path and practicing the correct SEO tactics.

Since 2000, every year Google comes up with some or other Google update that entirely blends the ranking structure of search engine. If you have studied about all the previous updates of Google then you will be able to catch the only intention of Google that is nothing but ‘improving the user experience.’ Many a times when we type our query or problem in Google search box and press enter, in return we receive an irrelevant content, which has no connection between what has been asked to Google. Whenever something like this happens, we doubt about the Google’s quality content providing ability. So, here Google doesn’t want to disappoint its user in any way, availability of genuine content is the identity of Google and if it cannot provide the same then why would people use it.

Hence, in spite of getting tensed and getting scared of Google’s Penguin & Panda updates look at it as an opportunity of improvement. If you are doing SEO in a right way then continue with it, Google update surely won’t harm you. With all new Google algorithm changes, Google has been rolling out the opportunities to separate yourself from the rest of all those people who are completely dependent on the spamming tactics for good ranking. Thus, just work on creating genuine and unique content that would not only attract reader but Google too and make your efforts praiseworthy.