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Facebook Adds New Mobile-Focused Features to Business Pages



Facebook has announced a set of updated that will enable business owners better engage with their audience on mobile devices.

Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg stated that the social network is the ideal platform for small businesses to build a mobile-web presence. According to the company, over 655 million people access Facebook exclusively via a mobile device. Across all devices, over 1 billion people visit Pages every month.

The update has unveiled more opportunities for business owners. Page owners can now start using call-to-action buttons on their devices. CTA buttons have been redesigned for mobile, with more prominent placement within a business’s Facebook Page.

New customized options have been installed to give the pages a feel of the website, this move has supplemented Facebook’s claim that its pages are the ideal web platform for businesses.

Page owners can add new sections such as Shop and Services that provide new ways for businesses to promote themselves on Facebook.

The new Shop section will enable businesses to sell products directly from their Page via the Buy button that was released earlier in this year.

The new Shop and Services sections are exclusive to Pages,  that fall under the “Local Business or Place” category. These sections may also be useful to businesses in other categories.

The company has also promised to redesign the Facebook Page layout that will happen in the near future. The new design will be drafted around tabbed navigation, so people can easily jump between various sections.

Google to Penalize Sites That Push You to Download Their App

How to know my website is google mobile friendly

Google found a way against those app download interstitial — that pushes the users to download their mobile app.   The search giant announced that, as of November 1st, sites with intrusive app download interstitials will be penalized

“After November 1, mobile web pages that show an app install interstitial that hides a significant amount of content on the transition from the search result page, will no longer be considered mobile-friendly.”

If the sites are not considered as mobile friendly, it will have a significant impact on its organic search traffic. As google has already stated to support more mobile friendly sites in the mobile search.

Google has updated its mobile-friendly testing tool. As well, the Mobile Usability report in Search Console warns if there are large app download interstitials.

Rather than using app download interstitials, Google reminds that browsers promote apps in ways that are more user-friendly.

It’s evident that, when google issues a recommendation its often wise to follow it.

Instagram Advances Direct Messaging with Threaded Convos and Enhanced Emoji’s



Instagram has rolled out a set of enhancements to its direct messaging feature, which included threaded conversations and enhanced emoji’s.

Instagram Direct has so far garnered 85 million monthly users since its 2013 launch, but the service was never equivalent with direct messaging offered by competitors like Facebook, Snapchat, and Twitter

Today, Instagram is introducing the much required threaded conversations. That means you don’t have to create a new conversation with someone every time you want to DM them a new photo.

Now you can just send in a photo the way you were sending a text message and keep the conversation going. In addition, Direct now has a quick camera feature for replying with a selfie, and there is a new ability for sending gigantic emojis.

According to the Instagram, nearly 40% of comments include an @-mention. Users can now share content directly with others by tapping on the new arrow that appears next to the like and comment buttons. This will allow you to share the post as a DM.



Facebook introduces New Moments App


facebook-moments  Facebook recently introduced  a photo sharing app, that will help to address the problem of getting friends to send each other the photos they’ve been storing in their own phones, is expanding to a video form. The app will now automatically to create a video of your shared photos which you can customize, personalize and share back to Facebook.

With the update, Facebook Moments will automatically create a music video for any grouping of six or more photos. You can then tap this video in the app and customize it further by changing the comprised photos and selecting from about a lot of different background music options. When you’re done making your choices to this video, one more tap will share the video directly to Facebook and tag the friend or friends with whom you’re already sharing those photos.

Facebook Moments is actually quickly solving one of the age-old challenges smartphone users have faced – like, you want to get a copy of photos your friend took, but they forget to send them. You then have to nag them to text you, email you the photos.

Facebook Moments makes it much easier, as it instead allows you to privately sync photos from your phone to others, and it uses a combination of date and time stamps, location as well as facial recognition to group photos into collections you can share.

Google Officially Displays Tweets In Search Results

Google has made it official to display the twitter content in its desktop search results. Google had begun testing with displaying content from Twitter in desktop results. In May, Google already had begun showing Tweets in mobile search results.


Similar to mobile search results, Google will now show Tweets in a carousel in the main column of the organic search results. The tweets only show when Google thinks them to be pertinent. Users do not need a Twitter account to see the results or click on the results.

Google also stated that,  ranking & relevancy factor for the tweets in the search will continue to evolve and improve as the process matures.  In the current scenario, there is no promotional component involved for showing the Tweets in the organic search results.

Facebook is Testing Its Own Medium-Like Content Platform




Facebook is testing the idea of turning its present Notes product into a long-form content platform. This test was first spotted by Dave Winer on Twitter, who linked to an example. Visiting the link in his tweet will show you a Facebook Note that more look like a page of content you’d see on a site like Medium.

A Facebook spokesperson has confirmed the test, stating: “We’re testing an update to Notes to make it easier for people to create and read longer-form stories on Facebook.”

This update is composed to make Notes more relevant & usable — a Facebook feature that mainly went forgotten once the company started allowing longer status updates.

If Facebook wants people to blog on their site, the biggest selling point right is its huge built-in audience. The company faces competition from Medium when it comes to attracting thought leaders to its content platform. LinkedIn has also been making a name for itself as a platform for content publishing professionals.

Facebook may have a niche for itself as a platform for casual bloggers, and those who never considered the idea of starting a blog.

Facebook is raising its concern to Notes is fascinating and it will be interesting to see what comes of it.