Facebook testing new ‘Profile Picture Guard’ feature in India

Facebook recently said in their blog post that, “In India, we’ve heard that people want more control over their profile pictures, and we’ve been working over the past year to understand how we can help.” To this end, a new Profile Picture Guard is being rolled out to some people. When this is enabled by the Facebook user, other people cannot save the profile picture, nor take a screenshot of it or tag it.


If course, none of these methods are 100% effective. It’s pretty simple to take a picture of a phone screen, or use root methods that circumvent the screenshot block. This also seems limited to the mobile app; blocking screenshots from the mobile or desktop site would be impossible.

According to the company’s preliminary tests, at least 75% of users are less likely to copy a protected profile picture. For now, this test is still limited to India, with no announced date for trials in other countries.

Pokemon Go for your Local Business



Pokemon Go has no doubt broken all records of downloads and sales in the history of play store and augmented reality. While this being the most addictive game, businesses can grab the opportunity to the fullest and increase their online presence. On a basic level a player is required to catch lots of pokemon’s which are scattered all over. Also a player is required to find some hotspots like Pokestops and Gyms where they can find free items and other players.

This is where your business has the opportunity to tap in to newer audience and broaden your reach.

Lures to Players

Players use lures to attract a certain pokemon in a real world location. So using this you can offer various freebies and offers at your business place to the players.

 Offers to Teams

Various players come together to form a Poke Team. This can be great benefit to the retailer by offering various discounts & offers on special days & times.

Social Media

The best tool to attract newer audience. People are always interested to know whats happening in your area. You can use this opportunity to publish the pokemon snaps and the rare pokemon (if any) found in your area with various discount invitations.

 Battles at the Gym

Players who wish to take control of a Gym would spend at least 30 minutes to fight the battle. This means they need to stay there for some time; you can make the most of their stay. Offer them your products like chocolates, milkshakes and other food stuff.

So can you catch the Poke-Opportunity?

Reasons why people share content on Social Media

Reasons why people share content on Social Media


The domain of Facebook Marketing and Business is very uncertain in terms of updates, news feed. The regular updation of the ‘News Feed Algorithm’ makes a major impact on the the way people see your brand’s updates.


The latest update to Facebook Algorithm focusses more on user generated and shareable content rather than promotional ones.So it is advised to the brands to Post things that your audience is likely to share with their friends.

Hence it is necessary to understand the sharing habits of your audience in order to ensure brand engagement and awareness.


Sharing for Useful Purpose

It can be news content, how-tos, or reviews.The majority of people share things they hope their friends will find useful.


So What exactly do I share?


The content you are sharing must look good and attractive , More than 60% people they avoid sharing content that make them look bad


People share things on social media because:-


1. Their friends come to know about the things they care.

2. To make their friends feel something (happiness , sad , angry)


Sharing Makes People Feel Connected


More than a billion people log in to facebook , every day to keep connected with family and friends. So create shareable content that people will love.


Growing a loyal community will help build momentum you need to help your business thrive, regardless of whatever changes Facebook throw at you.

While nothing here should be too surprising , it’s a good reminder to create content relevant to your industry.


Businesses will soon be able to find a new home on Instagram with their Official presence

The photo sharing app with more than 400 million users is now maturing for business. It previewed new profiles and tools for businesses which will be available to users in U.S, New Zealand and Australia in the next few months.

The major noticeable changes will be a “contact” button to the business profiles, a new detailed analytics tools& ads premium tools to turn posts into ads. These new features will make it easier for people to interact with businesses.  Companies will be able to add contact details including email address, telephone even message along with map directions. Now isn’t that cool.

For the first time it has introduced business profile analytics which will be available within the App.  This will provide a detailed analytics unlike the previous one. It will include age, location, time spent on Instagram by fans.


And when it comes to your own posts, you can also look at impressions — a valuable metric to marketers and social media managers. Adding impressions into the mix will allow businesses to get a better idea of how many people are viewing their posts, rather than relying on likes and comments alone.

With the app’s new promotion tools it will allow businesses to reach beyond their current followers through sponsored posts. It also allows organizations to select a target audience and call to action for their ads, were designed to be accessible to those without marketing or advertising backgrounds.


Google’s CEO Sundar Pichai in India: Major takeaways from first day of visit

Google’s Indian born CEO Sundar Pichai during his first visit to India since he became the Google CEO, talked about Google’s vision on improving Internet connectivity among Indians.  This project aims at connecting millions of Indians to the Internet with the help of large balloons.



Here are the top 8 takeaways from his visit:-

1. Faster Search:
Search is to get faster in India, especially for the slower connections. The Search pages will ensure that the content and text will load faster as compared to today which is fragmented for many users.

2. Free Wi-Fi at Railway Stations:
Sundar also announced to start free Wi-Fi Service in 100 railway stations starting from Mumbai Central, followed by other stations in India.

3. Tap to Translate:
A feature where users can just translate any written text on the website just by tapping on it. Further a message received in Hindi can be copied and Google Translate will appear right inside WhatsApp to show translation.

4. YouTube pause to Buffer:
YouTube users will now be able to pause and let it buffer, even after leaving the website or app with the ‘pause to buffer’.

5. New Hyderabad Campus:
Sundar also announced to launch a huge new campus in Hyderabad to train more engineers along with its business teams.

6. Train Android Developers:
Google said that it will train more than million android developers over the next 3 years from 30 universities across India.

7. Google Maps Offline:
Google now supports navigation in India, even without Internet connection.

8. Project Loon:
A project where high-altitude balloons will act as floating cell towers to connect people located in remote areas.


Facebook To Expand News Alerts And Personalize Notifications


Facebook is making a bigger push to deliver personalized content to its users by expanding news alerts, weather and score updates. Until now it mainly focused on notifications consisting of birthday reminders and event updates. Now it will also include community news, storm updates, and TV programs and movies suggestions.

Facebook said that its users will now be able to add and customize the notifications like local events, popular news in your city.

Facebook will be slowly rolling out the updates to Android and iOS users, but the notifications will be opt-in based.

Nasscom to partner with Facebook to mentor start-ups in India


Industry body Nasscom has partnered with Facebook to launch a new initiative to support app and mobile developers in India. Under this initiative, Nasscom will invite developers and students through an invitation based process.

Considering India has large number of user base for Internet with majority of Mobile users, the initiative is named ‘Leaders Building for the Next Billion Program’.

Facebook will fund the creation of this track at ‘Nasscom 10,000 startups’ and accepts partners to tie up with Tech companies to expand the program.

Facebook also mentioned that the participants will also qualify to additional $80,000 worth of support through our FBStart programme and additional ad credits to help grow their business.